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Abbas: Ceasefire same as original proposal

The ceasefire agreement that was signed this week between Hamas and Israel is not different from the original proposal made by Egypt at the beginning of the war according to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas.

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Sides agree to ‘open-ended’ ceasefire

At 2am Wednesday morning (Australian time) a ceasefire came into effect.


Netanyahu: Hamas is like ISIS

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has likened Hamas to ISIS on Thursday morning (Australian time).


Rocket hits Tel Aviv area

A rocket has hit the Tel Aviv area and sirens sounded in Jerusalem for the first time in weeks on Wednesday morning (Australian time).


Hamas: Lift blockade to ensure Israeli security

Hamas responded to Israel's demand that any deal to end Gaza hostilities must address Israel's security concerns by saying that the only way to ensure Israeli security is


Netanyahu: We will respond to a drizzle of rockets

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told leaders of communities near Gaza on Thursday that Israel would not tolerate a drizzle of mortar or rocket attacks.


Egypt presents a long-term ceasefire option

The Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire calls for an end to Israel's air strikes and a reduction of the buffer zone along the Gaza border.


World hopes and prays as ceasefire begins

People around the world held their breath at 3pm on Tuesday (Australian time) as the 72-hour ceasefire began.


One killed in terror attack in Jerusalem

A 29-year-old resident of Mea Shearim killed in excavator attack was protecting graves at the time of his death.


Sources: Palestinian delegation in Cairo

Palestinian and Egyptian sources reported that a Palestinian delegation, comprised of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad representatives, arrived on Friday  Morning (Australian time) in Cairo to discuss a

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