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Five more soldiers killed bringing total IDF casualties to 53

The IDF announced on Tuesday afternoon (Australian time) that five soldiers were killed in an attempted infiltration into Israel via a cross-border tunnel from Gaza.

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War of words with Kerry continues

The Obama administration pushed back strongly on Tuesday (Australian time) at a torrent of Israeli criticism over Secretary of State John Kerry's latest bid to secure a cease-fire


Bibi: “This has been a difficult and painful day” as 5 IDF soldiers killed

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Tuesday morning (Australian time) about the pain and suffering of a nation.


PA blasts Kerry for ‘appeasing’ Qatar as death toll rises on both sides

The latest: IDF death toll rises to 43; Gaza death toll rises above 1000; Obama tells Netanyahu that he wants an immediate ceasefire; PA blasts Kerry for ‘appeasing’


Obama and UN officially calls for unconditional cease-fire

The UN Security Council made a statement Monday urging Israel and Hamas to implement an unconditional humanitarian truce.


Two more IDF fatalities

Two additional IDF soldiers have been killed in action in Gaza, the IDF announced Saturday, bringing the military death toll in Operation Protective Edge to 37. One of the


Temporary ceasefire in Gaza

A 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip officially went into effect at 8am Saturday morning, opening a short window of time for diplomats


Shimon Peres exits Israel political stage after 6 decades

Outgoing Israeli President Shimon Peres officially exited Israeli politics for the first time in six decades as new President Reuven Rivlin was sworn in. The inauguration ceremony at Israel’s


Hamas rejects ceasefire efforts

"We reject the cycle of ceasefire and negotiations," said Hamas' political chief Khaled Mashal on Wednesday night at a press conference in Qatar. "We rejected it today and


Booby trap house kills three soldiers

Three Israeli soldiers were killed in a Gaza house rigged with explosives. Seven soldiers also were wounded in Wednesday’s explosion, which caused the house to cave in. The dead soldiers,

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