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Brinkmanship from Abbas

The Palestinians have issued an offer to save peace talks, and a threat to cause chaos if Israel doesn’t follow its wishes. Earlier this week, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he is prepared to extend negotiations beyond their scheduled …

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Peace process on the rocks

The future of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process hangs in the balance, after Israel’s decision not to go ahead with a planned release of terrorists from its jails. Israel was


Olmert guilty of taking bribes

In one of the most dramatic court rulings that Israel has ever seen, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been found guilty in a bribery trial. Judge David Rozen


Historic Charedi draft law passed

After more than six decades of military exemptions for the ultra-Orthodox, Israel’s parliament has passed a law which will require them to perform national service like other Jewish

244Q7  Eilat naval port

The true face of Iran

Israel is proclaiming its position on the Iranian threat with newfound confidence, after its dazzling military accomplishment last weekend. On Saturday, in a culmination of months of intelligence work,


IDF slams Amnesty report

The Israeli military has accused Amnesty International of  showing a “complete lack of understanding” of the challenges it faces, after the human rights organisation unleashed one of its


Bibi urges PA to join tango

The three main players in the Middle East peace process spent this week engaged in an acerbic blame game, putting the onus on each other for the future


Ukraine’s Jews count cost of unrest

The turmoil in Ukraine has left one of Europe’s largest Jewish communities on edge. After an outbreak of violence in Kiev last week that left dozens of protesters

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Merkel feted in Israel

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel received one of the State of Israel’s highest honours on Tuesday. Israel’s President Shimon Peres awarded her with the Presidential Medal of Distinction at a


Fresh doubt cast over Four Corners

The Israel Police has taken issue with what it considers “false allegations” in the controversial February 10 ABC program on Palestinian minors. The Four Corners episode featured a Palestinian

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