IDF raids West Bank weapon factories

Israeli security forces have shut down six illegal weapons manufacturing factories in the West Bank in the biggest such operation of an ongoing crackdown.

Public bomb shelter in Sderot.

Rocket attack, reprisals on southern border

Israel has carried out airstrikes against dozens of Hamas targets, after a rocket landed in Sderot, after two years of relative calm.


World Vision aid claims are ‘tip of the iceberg’

The Australian government should wise up to the realities of Gaza and only restore funding to World Vision if it can track its money, say Israeli experts.

Nazi camps like Plazszow  must be referred to as a “Nazi death camp in Poland", not a "Polish death camp.

Jail for users of term ‘Polish death camps’

The Polish government has proposed a bill that would make the use of terms like “Polish death camps” a crime punishable by jail time.

Waheed Borsh

‘Second aid worker diverting funds to terror’

Another United Nations aid worker in Gaza has been accused by Israel’s Shin Bet security service of using his position to provide material assistance to the terrorist efforts of Hamas.

A Palestinian helped in the aftermath of the terror attack that killed Rabbi Mark. Photo courtesy of the Fire and Rescue Service

Fired for helping terror victims

A Palestinian who offered assistance at the scene of a July 1 terrorist attack in Israel has been dismissed from his public service job in the Palestinian Authority.

Shami Chakrabarti

Honour ‘stinks’

The British Labour Party has come under fire for rewarding the author of a “whitewashed” report about the party’s anti-Semitism problem with a seat in the House of Lords.


Olympics finally honours Munich ’72 victims

After 44 years, the memory of the 11 Israeli victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre was finally commemorated on Wednesday in an official ceremony.

Eric Greitens

Jewish Navy SEAL wins GOP primary

Eric Greitens, a Jewish former Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient has won the Republican Party primary for Missouri governor.

Pope Poland Auschwitz

Pope visits Auschwitz

Human cruelty “did not end in Auschwitz”, Pope Francis said in Krakow after visiting the Nazi death camp in Poland. Some 1.1 million people, mostly Jews, died there between 1940 and 1945.