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Shimon Peres exits Israel political stage after 6 decades

Outgoing Israeli President Shimon Peres officially exited Israeli politics for the first time in six decades as new President Reuven Rivlin was sworn in.

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Hamas rejects ceasefire efforts

"We reject the cycle of ceasefire and negotiations," said Hamas' political chief Khaled Mashal on Wednesday night at a press conference in Qatar. "We rejected it today and


Booby trap house kills three soldiers

Three Israeli soldiers were killed in a Gaza house rigged with explosives. Seven soldiers also were wounded in Wednesday’s explosion, which caused the house to cave in. The dead soldiers,


Israel grieves for fallen soldiers

Normally, Israelis flock to Moshav Nir Etzion to leave their worries behind and enjoy an ocean-view vacation. But on Tuesday, it became a site of national mourning. In the


Flights to Israel suspended

The Federal Aviation Administration prohibited all U.S. airlines from flying to Israel for at least 24 hours. All three U.S. carriers with nonstop flights to Israel – United, U.S. Airways and Delta Airlines —


Seven more IDF soldiers killed

Seven more Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza, bringing the death toll of troops to 25 since the beginning of the Israeli military’s ground invasion. The Israel Defence Forces 


18 Israeli soldiers killed

Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed in heavy fighting in a Gaza City neighborhood. The soldiers from the Golani Brigade were killed since late Saturday night in Shujaiya, the Israel Defense


Tanks roll into Gaza

Israel has launched a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip to destroy tunnels it says are used for terrorist activities. The Israel Defense Forces’ spokesman’s office announced the operation by


Israeli killed in mortar attack

A civilian bringing food to Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border was the first Israeli killed by mortar fire from the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge. The 37-year-old

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Israel backs ceasefire, Hamas rejects it

Eight days after the commencing of Operation 'Protective Edge' Israel's Security Cabinet voted this morning in favor of the cease fire with Hamas, brokered by Egypt. Six ministers

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