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Holocaust diary prompts quest

A RESEARCH team at Yad Vashem is requesting help from the public in tracking down information about people named in a journal written during the Holocaust.
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Two IDF soldiers stabbed by Palestinians

Two Israeli soldiers were stabbed and injured by a Palestinian knife-wielding attacker in the West Bank on Wednesday morning.


Netanyahu’s ‘strong, stable government’

A triumphant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Likud supporters in his victory speech early Wednesday that he would aim to form “a strong, stable government” that would tackle “security and socioeconomic challenges.”

68th General Assembly, General Debate

Netanyahu declares early victory on Facebook

ISRAEL’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared victory after the first exit polls released following Tuesday’s elections showed the Likud ahead of, or tied with, the Zionist Union.


ISIS video shows alleged execution of Arab-Israeli ‘spy’

The Islamic State released a video that allegedly shows the execution of an Arab-Israeli teenager that the Islamist group accused of being a spy for Israel. The 13-minute video released online Tuesday reportedly shows  Muhammad Musallam, 19, of eastern Jerusalem, […]


Netanyahu to Congress: Deal with Iran paves way to bomb

In his address to Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued that the proposed nuclear deal being negotiated with Iran will lead inexorably to a nuclear-armed Iran and war in the Middle East.


Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the AIPAC 2015 Policy Conference on Monday.


1000 Muslims in Norway form protective ring around Synagogue

More than 1,000 Muslims formed a human shield around Oslo’s synagogue on Saturday, offering symbolic protection for the city’s Jewish community and condemning an attack on a synagogue in neighboring Denmark last weekend.


‘A brutal act of terror’

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has labelled last weekend’s Copenhagen terrorist attacks “an affront to some of our most fundamental values”.


Four-year-old girl hurt in 2013 rock-throwing terror attack dies

Adele Biton, the four-year-old child who was critically wounded after Palestinians threw rocks at her family’s vehicle in 2003, died Tuesday at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petah Tikva as a result of pneumonia. The incident in which Adele was injured […]