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Sixty Minutes

Media disgrace

EDITORIAL Almost 2000 killed in just 10 days. No, not a statement regarding the current conflict in Gaza but the latest statistic to emerge from Syria, a country whose bloody civil war has raged for more than three years.
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Melissa Parke Official Portrait

Pollies’ one-sided letter

COMMUNAL leaders have blasted a letter signed by over 40 Australian politicians, calling for Israel to end its operation in Gaza, as one-sided.

Sam Gosling

Another Yavneh alumnus hurt in Gaza

A FORMER Yavneh College student currently serving in the IDF is on the road to recovery after he received shrapnel wounds to his shoulder in an incident in Gaza that claimed the life of his unit commander.

SMH slammed over ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon

THE Sydney Morning Herald could face legal action after widespread community outrage at a “clearly anti-Semitic” cartoon that could lead to the “inciting of hatred of Jews”.


Bibi: “This has been a difficult and painful day” as 5 IDF soldiers killed

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Tuesday morning (Australian time) about the pain and suffering of a nation.


Obama and UN officially calls for unconditional cease-fire

The UN Security Council made a statement Monday urging Israel and Hamas to implement an unconditional humanitarian truce.

daniel wein

Former Yavneh student shot in Gaza

AN Israeli soldier who grew up in Melbourne is recuperating in a military hospital in Petach Tikva, near Tel Aviv, after he was shot while in Gaza with his IDF unit last week.

Shmuel Ben-Shmuel

Ambassador’s concern for family in Israel

AS rockets raineddown on Israel this week, the country’s Ambassador to Australia voiced fears for his wife and children still in the Jewish State.


Palestinian unity deal a blow for Israel

ISRAEL suffered a double blow this week, as a Hamas-backed Palestinian government was sworn in, and the United States announced that it will work with the new administration. The Palestinian unity government results from a reconciliation progress between the Fatah […]


Parke stays shtum on BDS, refugee numbers

THE new Minister for International Development refused to be drawn this week on whether the government would reconsider its financial support for the BDS-backing Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), whether she was satisfied it wasn’t a front for a terror group, and where she stood on boycotts of the Jewish State.

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