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Gonski to hurt Masada

MASADA College is the only Jewish school that will lose funding if the Gonski 2.0 proposals are passed by the Federal Senate.

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Senator’s speech on Israel condemned

JEWISH groups have condemned a volley of accusations in Parliament by Senator Lisa Singh after her April visit to the West Bank and Israel.

Arise Sir Frank

Presenter’s post offends

Goldilocks and the three Orthodoxies


Katz brothers’ judo journey

JUDO’S Katz brothers, who represented Australia at the Olympic Games in Rio last year, are edging towards top 20 world rankings as they prepare for the 2017 world championships.

Boys deliver at Victorian championships

A TRIO of Jewish teens who’ve trained together for a decade achieved outstanding results at the Victorian Artistic Gymnastics Championships held on the June long weekend – rising above their own expectations.


Jewish leaders condemn mosque attack

JEWISH community groups have condemned an attack on Muslim worshippers near a mosque by a man in a white van, being treated as terrorism by police.

Terror victim Hadas Malka mourned

HER smiling photos have captured the hearts of the nation. The country is this week mourning a young woman who everyone suddenly feels they knew – Hadas Malka.


Husky headed for musical heights

Popular indie band Husky has drawn on new inspirations, including a year living in Berlin, to deliver an exciting new experimental album which has just been released. Yael Brender reports.

Multiculturalism shines at the Israel Festival

JERUSALEM, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of reunification, is going through a renewal of multiculturalism underscoring the richness of its diversity. 


Win tickets to Fanny’s Journey

It’s 1943, and France is under German occupation. Thirteen-year-old Fanny and her sisters are sent by their parents to the OSE, a foster home for Jewish children.

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No less loved in the eyes of God

THE saddest part about the uproar which plagued Rabbi Steven Greenberg’s recent Australian visit was that the substance of conversation that so desperately needs to be had within the heart of the Orthodox community never really got off the ground, writes Rabbi Yaakov Glasman.

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