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New-born son passes away

WHEN Ilana and Leo Dubb made aliyah from Sydney four years ago, they would never have imagined seeing their granddaughter and prematurely delivered great-grandson fighting for their lives after a terrorist attack. But that was their reality this week after seven-months pregnant Shira Ish-Ran, the couple’s granddaughter, was shot by a Palestinian terrorist while waiting for a bus in Ofra, in the West Bank.

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Recognition of Jerusalem

COMMUNAL leaders were optimistic this week amid reports that Australia would officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

SBS threatens boycotters

Six Jewish students top their HSC courses

‘A kick in the stomach of victims’

Wealth ManagementAn Australian Jewish News feature

Glory and pain – the hazards of being a fund manager

By marcus padley I manage a $38 million Australian equity fund. It was great last year, the market was up 12 per cent and we were up 23 per cent.

What to do after the market mayhem

by Roger Balch Although the natural reaction upon seeing headlines like “As of lunchtime November 21 the ASX had wiped out two years of gains” (in the AFR) is to […]


Patience pays off for Horwitz

DAVID Horwitz was overlooked in the first rounds of the Pro 14 rugby competition with his new Irish club Connacht, but is now grabbing his opportunity to shine.

Chasing his PGA Tour dream

Jeremy Fuchs is having a crack for the first time in the PGA Tour of Australasia Qualifying School stage one event, at Riverside Oaks from December 5-7.


‘The State of Israel will relentlessly pursue these criminals’

A NEWBORN baby is fighting for his life, after being delivered by caesarean section after his mother was shot in a terrorist attack.

Southern Lebanon riddled with terror

Metulla – The attack tunnel that was meant to deliver Hezbollah terrorists from Lebanon to this tiny town has just been destroyed, and residents are breathing a collective sigh of relief.


Snap and win in our photo competitions

Our annual photo competitions are back, with two great prizes to be won by AJN readers who submit the best holiday photo and the best sunrise/sunset shot.

Exploring Vitch’s art of survival

In Sigal Bujman’s 2017 documentary Vitch, Shani De Jesus and her two older sisters shed light on the extraordinary life of their late father Eddie, a talented Jewish artist who survived World War II by performing for the Nazi elite.


Holiday photo competition

Our annual holiday photo competition is back, with a great Queensland holiday prize to be won by AJN readers who submit the best shot.


Rabbinical reflections on ‘Who is a Jew’

An individual’s decision to not convert, or to convert through non-orthodox means, cannot assuage the challenges that their children will face when prejudiced by the mainstream, self identifying Jews. Our decisions today have consequences tomorrow. Accepting, rather than abrogating, responsibility for those choices is something that could be instilled by our parents … or perhaps by a strong and competent educational institution.

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