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Anti-Semitism at post-war high

In Dan Mariaschin’s lifetime in America, anti-Semitism, “one of the world’s oldest and most destructive social pathologies”, has morphed from social bigotry among mid-20th century blue bloods telling Jewish applicants their hotels and schools were off limits, to terrorism in the Muslim world.

Local leaders condemn violence

ZIONIST Federation of Australia president Danny Lamm will travel to Israel this week in defiance of the current deadly wave of Palestinian terrorism to attend the World Zionist Congress.

Celebrating B’nai B’rith’s 170th … and 70th

B’NAI B’rith International’s executive vice-president Daniel Mariaschin will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne next month to celebrate the organisation’s 170th birthday.

Judge strikes circumcision ban from San Francisco ballot

A state Superior Court judge in California ruled that an initiative banning circumcision for minors be struck from San Francisco’s November ballot.