Anticipation builds for Maccabi Carnival

per4 Maccabi Junior Carnival – state vs state, but all good mates. Photo: Kym Sher

PREPARATIONS for Maccabi’s 36th Junior Carnival are well underway, with several hundred participants, in year 6 – 9, expected to travel to Melbourne for the week-long event from January 14 to 21.

With participant applications closing on November 30, each Maccabi state is hoping to send the biggest team possible to represent them at the Carnival, which offers an experience to remember for all involved.

Carnival manager Julia Hofbaeur says the upcoming edition “is going to be phenomenal”.

“We have listened to what the kids have said and tried to tweak the program slightly,” she said.

“This year, we are really accommodating all of the requests.”

Sport and social activities will be aplenty, to cater for everyone.

“We have come up and put together a great sport program, almost like the days of old, state versus state, to really create a great rivalry,” Hofbauer said.

“We want Carnival to be ‘the place to be’ for competitive sport.

“Parallel to the competitive sport, we have a fantastic social sport program, which will allow everyone to be involved as little or as much as they’d like.”

Participants are expected to arrive at the Melbourne-based carnival from all over the country, including Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales for the week-long event, which last time was held in Perth.

The jam-packed social itinerary includes pool parties, cable parks, ninja and water obstacle courses, a foam party and barefoot bowls.

“They are going to have such a great time on and off the field,” Hofbaeur said.

Maccabi has also teamed up with the All Abilities program who will run the canteen for the duration of Carnival.

“We are so excited to have them on board.”

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