An award-winning image

An award-winning photo of Herschel Balter and his granddaughter Tori by Kristian Piccoli.

A PHOTO of Holocaust survivor Herschel Balter and his eight-year-old granddaughter Tori has received a Silver Distinction award at the Australian Professional Photography Awards.

The picture of the pair was taken after Tori, who is a student at Beth Rivkah in Melbourne, and Herschel, who survived Auschwitz, had come together for a larger family photograph.

The image shows Tori holding onto his arm, with the tattooed number he was given by the Nazis clearly visible.

Photographer Kristian Piccoli told The AJN that he was humbled when asked to take the shot.

“I felt quite honoured and privileged to take the portrait,” Piccoli said.

“I just wanted a pure portrait to show the sensitivities of what he has gone through.

“Sometimes we do things in the world for the greater good and this was one of those occasions because it is such a compelling photo.”

Tori told The AJN, “I know the number on Zaida’s arm makes him feel sad sometimes but when I’m with him he’s always happy and singing.”