Two states or one state? Confusion at the White House

HAS Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American President Donald Trump dumped the two-state solution?

Extremist killer elected Hamas leader

Fears of a new confrontation between Gaza’s rulers and Israel are rising, after Hamas has chosen one of its most extreme figures to lead the movement.

Faiths unite for torched church

Jews and Christians stood side by side in the Galilee this week, after working together to renovate a church torched by extremist vandals. 

New settlement law slammed as ‘theft’

Politicians have passed one of the most controversial laws ever brought before the Knesset, leaving some Israelis celebrating a victory for the settlement movement and others decrying the legalisation of “land grabs”.

Deep divisions over Amona evacuation

Some 60 Israeli police officers were recovering from injuries this week, after being attacked by pro-settler activists who turned violent to oppose an outpost evacuation.

wall tweet

Bibi blasted over Trump wall tweet

Already in hot water over his support for Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed his White House visit for February 15.

Haifa shooting

Haifa shooting was terror attack

His girlfriend teased him that he was a “Jew lover”. Shortly afterwards, Mahmoud Shinawi proved that he wasn’t – by going on a shooting spree against residents of his own city, Haifa.

Bibi bound for US but Australia trip still planned

AFTER less than 48 hours in his new job, Donald Trump rushed to invite Israel’s Prime Minister to the White House.

‘We are building and will continue to build’

ISRAEL has announced the construction of 2500 new homes in the West Bank, in the biggest building coup for settlers since 2013.

The First Children

Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew and grandson of Holocaust survivors who arrived in America in 1949, is to be Trump’s senior White House adviser.