Pompeo sets demands for new Iran deal

America has finally answered the question that the whole Middle East has been asking since early May: What does it want from Iran in return for a new deal?

Hamas’ aims at border fence exposed

The rioting crowds have dispersed, but Israel’s border with Gaza was still under attack this week, as terrorists breached the fence.

US Embassy move: ‘A great day for Israel’

After years of Israeli campaigning and complaining, the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem on Monday, in what Israel's President lauded as a "brave step".

Gaza border clashes: ‘IDF averted a great disaster’

As the international community raged against Palestinian deaths, Israelis who live near Gaza were praising the IDF and saying it avoided bloodbath in their areas.

Aussie Jews celebrate Netta’s Eurovision win

They didn't need prompting with the lyrics. The thousands of Israelis who descended on Tel Aviv's Rabin Square for the homecoming of Netta Barzilai knew her Eurovision-winning song word for word.

US Jerusalem embassy set to open on Monday

A high-level American delegation is heading to Israel, for the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, May 14.

Tensions high as Trump nixes Iran deal

Israeli leaders have hailed Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal as "historic", and claimed he has made the Jewish State safer.

Abbas’ apology over his Shoah comments rejected

The Palestinian President has apologised "if people were offended" by his claims that the "social function" that Jews took on in Europe was the cause of massacres, including the Holocaust.

Flash flood kills 10 Israelis

The smiling faces of 10 teenagers, cut off in their prime, dominated Israeli news this week. This time the killer wasn't terror, but a hike that went ahead despite flood warnings.

Israel exposes Iran’s nuclear weapons program

Benjamin Netanyahu is waiting with baited breath to find out whether his intelligence coup from Iran, revealed in a dramatic speech on Monday, is enough to derail the”terrible” nuclear deal.