British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to blow shofar

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempted, and failed, to blow a shofar while on a visit to northern England.

Final polls show Israeli election is neck and neck – again

Five months later, the numbers apparently haven’t changed a whole lot in Israel when it comes to elections.

Trump says he’s willing to consider a mutual defence treaty with Israel

On the eve of Israel’s elections, US President Donald Trump resurrected an idea that Americans and Israelis have for decades considered and always ultimately rejected — a mutual defence treaty.

Is Leifer scandal a blow for Litzman among voters?

FOR most politicians it would be a nightmare scenario – police recommending corruption charges soon before an election. But in Israel's Charedi heartland, voters say the Malka Leifer scandal will not dint support for Yaakov Litzman. 

Blue and White ahead of Likud in latest polls

BIBI has become a "loser" and his political career will come to an end on Tuesday, Israel's main opposition party is claiming. 

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after two attacks from coastal strip

Israel struck Hamas targets in Gaza twice in response to attacks from the coastal strip.

Netanyahu says he will extend ‘Jewish sovereignty’ over all West Bank communities

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will extend “Jewish sovereignty” over all communities in the West Bank.

‘A hole in the heart of the nation’

SHE was meant to return to school on Sunday, after Israel's summer holiday. Instead, Rina Shnerb lies in a newly-dug grave, killed by a terrorist bomb.

Israel bombs Hamas military post in Gaza in response to mortar fire

The Israeli army bombed a Hamas military post in Gaza on Tuesday in response to mortar fire from the coastal strip on southern Israel earlier in the day.

Netanyahu briefs rival Gantz on security issues

In a rare occurrence, the head of the main opposition party in Israel was briefed on recent violence that has Israel and the security establishment on edge.