Bibi issues warning over Iran

EUROPE’S cool response to Iran’s nuclear transgressions is reminiscent of the appeasement of Hitler, Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed.

International attempts to quell border tensions

INTERNATIONAL delegations are headed to Gaza to try to prevent an escalation after the IDF killed a Palestinian man and terrorists fired two rockets at Israel. 

Peretz says calling intermarriage a second Holocaust was ‘not appropriate’

Israeli Education Minister Rafi Peretz walked back his recent statement that intermarriage is “like a second Holocaust,” writing that the phrase was “probably not an appropriate term to use.”

Pink criticised over Holocaust memorial photo

JEWISH pop singer Pink has defended uploading a photo to Instagram of her children running through the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

BBC expose on Labour party antisemitism has ‘inaccuracies’, Corbyn says

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said a recent BBC program on antisemitism in the party had “many, many inaccuracies.”

Israel’s new education minister under fire for supporting gay conversion therapy

Israel’s new education minister Rafi Peretz said in a television interview that he supports gay conversion therapy and that he has used the practice to help homosexual youth.

‘These planes can reach anywhere in Mid East’

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has warned Iran that Israeli bomber planes "can reach anywhere in the Middle East". 

Protests continue over Teka shooting

ETHIOPIAN parents in Israel fear for the safety of their children, protesters claimed at angry demonstrations this week.

Netanyahu: Palestinians’ connection to the land of Israel is ‘nothing’ compared to that of Jews

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted that the Palestinians have no ancient connection to the land of Israel, and used a recent archaeological find to claim that biblical Philistines were actually from Europe.

Medical committee rules Leifer faked medical condition to avoid extradition

A medical committee has ruled that alleged sexual predator Malka Leifer, the former Australian principal accused of molesting numerous pupils, has faked her mental illness in an effort to elude extradition from Israel.