Jewish leaders condemn mosque attack

JEWISH community groups have condemned an attack on Muslim worshippers near a mosque by a man in a white van, being treated as terrorism by police.

Terror victim Hadas Malka mourned

HER smiling photos have captured the hearts of the nation. The country is this week mourning a young woman who everyone suddenly feels they knew – Hadas Malka.

Regev walks out on performance of Palestinian poet’s work

Israel’s minister of culture and sports, Miri Regev, walked out on an awards ceremony during a song based on a work by a Palestinian poet that the official said “hoped … for the death of the Jewish state."

Tillerson: PA to stop paying terrorists’ families

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told senators that the Palestinian Authority will stop paying the families of terrorists who have attacked or killed Israelis.

Offensive banner blasted

A BANNER portraying British Prime Minister Theresa May wearing a Star of David earring has been removed following accusations of anti-Semitism.

Kahlon meets Palestinian PM

A RARE warming in Israeli-Palestinian relations has begun over the last few days, with an Israeli minister visiting Ramallah and an unexpected declaration by a senior Palestinian official.

Double arson at UK kosher restaurants

Police have launched a manhunt after two arson attacks at kosher restaurants in Manchester in four days.

A cause for celebration or mourning?

JUST three days after a concert at the Kotel to mark Yom Yerushalayim, another massive crowd gathered in Tel Aviv to mark the very same occasion. This time, angry speeches took the place of jubilant dancing.

Trump blasts Abbas over incitement

DONALD Trump screamed, "You tricked me in DC!" at his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank last week, an Israeli TV network has reported.


Music to Bibi’s ears

DONALD Trump left Israel on Tuesday after a whirlwind trip in which he made history as the first sitting US President to visit the Kotel – and appearing optimistic that he can go down in history as the man who will make peace.