The week we went over the moon

IS it really a half century since humankind first slipped the surly bonds of Earth and trod an extraterrestrial body? Hard to believe, writes Peter Kohn.

‘An attack on one faith is an attack on us all’

PRIMO Levi was an Italian chemist who was arrested by the Nazis along with thousands of other Italian Jews – including my grandparents - and deported to the Auschwitz death camp during the Holocaust, writes Vic Alhadeff.

Reflections on the Israel Folau case

ISRAEL Folau has dominated our headlines over the past weeks. And, like the State of Israel, he is likely to continue to attract attention, heat and passion for the foreseeable future, writes Rabbi Ralph Genende.

Breaking bread – Australia at its best

IT was Australia at its best. On a recent Friday night in Sydney, leaders of the NSW Young Nationals, Young Greens, Young Liberals and Young Labor walked into The Great Synagogue, writes Vic Alhadeff.

Uncle Jacques and the end of Jewish life in Europe

LET me tell you about antisemitism in Europe and my Uncle Jacques, writes Sam Lipski.

It’s time to actively seek out female leadership

"WOMEN can join our board if they want to. There's nothing standing in their way." I have lost count of the number of times I have heard this line in response to a call for gender equality on Jewish community boards, writes Keren Zelwer.

Truth was the collateral damage

In this week's episode of Body Hack, Todd Sampson presented a sensational, but entirely one-sided portrayal, of the political situation in Gaza, writes Naomi Levin.

Writing women into the past – and the future

"HISTORY is not the past — It is the record of what's left on the record."

Breaching the boundaries of free speech

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences; nor does it mean the freedom to belittle or degrade students because of their background, writes Joshua Kirsh.

Making light of the greatest crime in history

The sickening one-liners on Historical Roasts were not just flat-out immoral, or stunningly insensitive, they were in fact the act of a bully, writes Dvir Abramovich.