Frydenberg challenge: ‘A great shame to the nation’

The challenge against Josh Frydenberg is an obscenity and a great shame to the Australian nation that earned Erica Strausz’s citizenship, by giving her and her family the protection and security they lost in Hungary, writes Noel Pearson.

When grandma became a political football

Turning down Israel's offer was Rashida Tlaib proving how cold-hearted she really is. She simply played politics with her grandmother, writes Yisrael Medad.

Religious freedoms vs religious discrimination

We live in an age that increasingly affirms equality of rights as a moral imperative, writes Peter Wertheim.

‘Enough is enough’

This week marks five years since Israeli soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed by Hamas in the midst of a humanitarian cease-fire during Operation Protective Edge, writes Arsen Ostrovsky.

Why Dahl must not be chocolate coated

Why do so few even know of Roald Dahl's antisemitism, despite his proudly trumpeting his views in mainstream publications? asks Rabbi James Kennard.

‘A grim fate awaits us unless we act’

If Jewish continuity is both our single greatest challenge and our most important objective, it is imperative that we direct our energy and resources accordingly, writes Jeremy Leibler.

Is discrimination a dirty word?

WHEN we hear of discrimination, our instinctive reaction is often to be repulsed. As a community we know all too well the scars of discrimination. They are tattooed onto the forearms of our grandparents, writes Jeremy Stowe-Lindner. 

‘It’s time for Australia to ban the swastika’

Allowing the public showcasing of the swastika or other Third Reich paraphernalia violates our rights to feel safe, writes Dvir Abramovich.

Health can heal a community’s anguish

ISRAEL'S Ethiopian community has been thrust into the spotlight following the tragic death of a 19-year-old teenager on June 30. Solomon Teka of Haifa was shot by an off-duty policeman under controversial circumstances, writes Ron Finkel. 

The week we went over the moon

IS it really a half century since humankind first slipped the surly bonds of Earth and trod an extraterrestrial body? Hard to believe, writes Peter Kohn.