Symbolism vs statehood

FORMER US Middle East peace envoy Dennis Ross recently observed that “the Palestinian national movement more than anything else has a preoccupation with symbols. Instead of building a state, the Palestinians would like to get a flag at the UN. The day after they get a flag at the UN, nothing changes.”

Can one play Wagner with a clear conscience?

Can a composer who died in 1883 – six years before Hitler was born – be damningly identified with his country’s genocide of the Jewish people? writes Vic Alhadeff.

Rozana offers vision of peace

The Middle East is littered with well-intentioned proposals to end the long-running dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel and its first peoples, the Jews, are not the problem

BENJAMIN Netanyahu’s visit to Australia was significant, both historically - the first visit by an Israeli Prime Minister – and for the future Australia-Israel relationship.

Humanity shines through

THESSALONIKI and Zakynthos are not names which automatically spring to mind when discussing the Holocaust. Particularly as the majority of survivors who made a home in Australia in the aftermath of the Shoah originated in Eastern Europe.

A haunting homecoming

THERE is something about long-haul travel conducted in solitude that infuses the mind with a strange kind of focus. As I returned to Kiev for the first time, having left that place as a boy of three, and now a man of 33, my mind returned again and again in abstract and discordant ways to family.

Turkey’s descent into Islamism

The coup in Turkey was not all that it seemed, as explained by ECAJ's Peter Wertheim.

Unleashing left-wing anti-Semitism

To date, mercifully, Britain and Australia, have both been spared the bloody terrorist atrocities that have left hundreds dead and injured across mainland Europe in recent months. But God forbid,

Make sure you celebrate

AS Jews, we enjoy our celebrations and festivals and the planning and traditions that are associated with them. A week before Pesach, if I were to survey a random group […]

Let there be light

Sales of sunnies soared yesterday when the recent dark spell that hit Egypt on Monday came to an unexpected end. Millions of Egyptians were caught completely unawares by the change […]