Breaking The Silence: The AIJAC perspective

Executive director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council Colin Rubenstein gives his take on the questions put to Breaking The Silence’s Avner Gvaryahu. Does Breaking The Silence contribute to

Breaking the Silence: Your questions answered

Ahead of his visit to Australia, executive director of Breaking the Silence Avner Gvaryahu answers questions submitted by AJN readers. When there are so many people and groups out there […]

Standing shoulder to shoulder with survivors

WHEN asked by his students what would happen when there were no survivors left to tell the story, Elie Wiesel replied, “Just think, perhaps you are the only hope I have. Fulfil it.”And in the face of the rampant misuse and trivialisation of the Holocaust, he urged us not only to study history’s darkest chapter, but to do the following, “Listen to the survivors and respect their wounded sensibility. Open yourselves to their scarred memory, and mingle your tears with theirs. Stop insulting the dead.”

Diary of a Shabbat Project addict

FOR some, the Shabbat Project weekend is a weekend to look forward to as they keep Shabbat already and there is an extra element of excitement and activities to do. For others it is just another weekend and for most hopefully it is a time to get involved in our community no matter your level of observance.

Anti-SSM ad riddled with inaccuracies

LAST week in The AJN there was a full-page colour advertisement, authorised by Paul Monagle of the Australian Family Association. This advertisement is a scare tactic deliberately designed to stop […]

A place in Jerusalem to call home

HE arrived in Jerusalem minutes before, on his first visit to the Holy Land. Before him lay the majestic beauty of the Old City, on a bright summer morning, and the promise of an exciting day ahead.

The real threat facing us

OUR community is justifiably concerned about recent developments within the ALP. The misguided push by some elements, led by Bob Carr, to unilaterally recognise the "State of Palestine" has gained some traction at recent state Labor conferences. Much of the rhetoric emanating from supporters of the Palestinian cause has been inflammatory, including morally offensive comparisons with apartheid South Africa. These decisions will have no bearing on Labor's foreign policy determined at its 2018 national conference.

Symbolism vs statehood

FORMER US Middle East peace envoy Dennis Ross recently observed that “the Palestinian national movement more than anything else has a preoccupation with symbols. Instead of building a state, the Palestinians would like to get a flag at the UN. The day after they get a flag at the UN, nothing changes.”

Can one play Wagner with a clear conscience?

Can a composer who died in 1883 – six years before Hitler was born – be damningly identified with his country’s genocide of the Jewish people? writes Vic Alhadeff.

Rozana offers vision of peace

The Middle East is littered with well-intentioned proposals to end the long-running dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.