Body Hack’s body blow

IF you had simply read the transcript of Body Hack this week, chances are you would take some comfort from some of Todd Sampson’s attempts to provide some balance to one of the world’s most intractable and bloody conflicts.

Rabbinical reflections on ‘Who is a Jew’

An individual's decision to not convert, or to convert through non-orthodox means, cannot assuage the challenges that their children will face when prejudiced by the mainstream, self identifying Jews. Our decisions today have consequences tomorrow. Accepting, rather than abrogating, responsibility for those choices is something that could be instilled by our parents … or perhaps by a strong and competent educational institution.

A Jew is a Jew?

SINCE Moriah’s inception it has always been a Modern Orthodox school that accepts students based on the halachic ruling of the Sydney Beth Din. For decades, that standard was in

Payne’s painful silence on the Iranian threat

MARISE Payne is the new Foreign Minister of Australia; she will be an even blander version of Julie Bishop. Her first speech to the United Nations was an extremely cautious restatement of the Coalition's foreign policy in her first international platform. As The Australian newspaper editorialised, she lost an opportunity to give real meaning "to Australia's stance on global issues". 

The antisemite leading the British Labour Party

THE list goes on and on. The list of incidents involving Jeremy Corbyn that have aggrieved the British Jewish community.

Living on the border in the shadow of terror

"One thing is for sure, as long as that bomb shelter still has a purpose, that change we want to see in the world will sadly never come." Emily Gian shares her experience of visiting a bomb shelter on Kibbutz Erez, situated very close to the Gaza border.

Living lives in honour of those who perished

WENT to Auschwitz today. When I told friends my plans I pondered the words I used. I couldn't say I was visiting Auschwitz, as you would a famous landmark and I certainly wasn't going to experience Auschwitz. 

Looking back on a topsy-turvy year

IN so many ways, 5778, Israel's 70th anniversary year, has been a cocktail of both negative and positive. It has been a ­topsy-turvy year for us in the international arena, a year of turmoil in the Middle East and a year of mixed relations with our closest neighbours. And yet when we examine the issues closely, we can look to the future with a cautious, yet palpable sense of hope and optimism that the positive will outweigh the negative and the future seems bright.

Like Mary, we can give the greatest gift of all

IT'S the greatest gift, it's in every breath you take, in each moment you wake – it's the gift of life. In these days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we are especially attuned to the preciousness of this present; the fabulous bestowal of this trembling heart, this wondrous, fragile cargo called life. Our prayers are saturated with a longing for life: "Remember us for life", "Who will live, who will die?", the bracha to the one who has "given us life, sustained us and brought us to this time" (Shehecheyanu).

A true leader

Jeremy Spinak has spent countless hours at meetings and functions representing our community, and has made a huge impact, but he has never sought the limelight.