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Leifer: Rabbi retracts release request

MALKA Leifer’s continued detention in a psychiatric facility is proof that together the community can create a culture that is morally accountable, one of her alleged victims Dassi Erlich said.

Leifer release postponed pending appeal

Malka Leifer’s planned release to house arrest has been stopped, at least for now, after a last-minute Supreme Court appeal. On Wednesday, a judge shocked Leifer’s accusers by agreeing to

US to move Embassy in May

The American Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem in May.

Foley’s pledge on 20D

NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley began his guest address at the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) plenum on February 20 in dramatic style, holding a poster produced and circulated by Antipodean Resistance as an example of how "weak, inadequate and broken" Section 20D of the NSW anti-discrimination Act is, before restating his promise to "fix it within 100 days" should Labor be elected to government in 2019.

Five Jews among Florida fatalities

They volunteered. They played soccer. They went to camp. They were sweet, mature and easygoing. They were just beginning their lives, or helping others on their way. And one may […]

Leifer arrested to face extradition

Police in Israel have rearrested Malka Leifer, after secretly keeping tabs on her for a month and then claiming that she been misleading legal authorities.

ramming attack

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria

ISRAEL launched heavy air strikes in Syria overnight (Saturday), saying it hit air defenses and Iranian targets.

‘Stay out of the kitchen!’

THE Kashrut Authority (KA) has defended its decision to ban Shuk from using Our Big Kitchen (OBK), in the face of claims its policy is discriminatory.

Survivors and leaders mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day (IHRD) was marked with poignant and moving commemorations in Sydney and Melbourne on January 28.

Channel Seven slammed for airing neo-Nazi’s views

Seven News has been slammed for giving a platform to a neo-Nazi activist as part of its coverage of gang violence in Melbourne. United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell was interviewed about a meeting of "the True Blue Crew", a vigilante outfit, held last Sunday.