Rita’s story of Exodus

70 years ago, the Exodus 1947 ploughed across seas. The ship brimmed with more than 4500 Jewish refugees – and their hopes and gritty determination to rise from the ashes

AJN scores awards hat-trick

FOR the second year in a row, The Australian Jewish News has been named Best Publication at the NSW Premier's Multicultural Media Awards.

UN chief hails ‘beautiful’ Israel

The United Nations Secretary-General has decried people who call for Israel's destruction saying that they are engaged in "a form of modern anti-Semitism".

Fresh fears over nuclear Iran

IRAN needs just five days to enrich uranium to a weapon-ready state, the head of the country's nuclear program claimed on Tuesday.

Terror attack outside kosher restaurant

A van plowed through a crowd of people on Barcelona’s main shopping street, reportedly killing at least 13 people and injuring over 50 others. Police said they were treating the […]

Appliance of science

A DELEGATION of high-achieving scientists from Israel cast light on their groundbreaking discoveries at an inspiring evening last week hosted by Australian Friends of the Hebrew University.

Glick’s gives Coles the flick

GLICK’S products won’t be available at Coles stores anymore because the companies couldn’t come to a financial arrangement that both sides were comfortable with.

‘Utterly untruthful’ reporting slammed

VICTORIAN Opposition Leader Matthew Guy, who was in the Old City of Jerusalem last Friday when three terrorists killed two Israeli police officers has slammed major news outlets for “fundamentally untruthful” reporting.

Ladies lunch for a worthy cause

“WE all like to think that we put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’,” Aqua Group member Margaret McNiven told The AJN this week.

Purdie urges ALA to visit Israel

Bill Beroza reached out to me last week to share a concern that the ALA has with the World Games of Lacrosse being hosted in Israel, writes Gordon Purdie.