Cox pushes the envelope

A SELF-DESCRIBED “stirrer” has been honoured with her own stamp from Australia Post. Eva Cox, together with three other female groundbreakers – Germaine Greer, Elizabeth Evatt and Anne Summers – were named Australia Post legends last week.

The quartet follows in the footsteps of other prominent Australians, and Cox becomes just the third Jewish Australian to be put on a stamp after Victor Smorgon and Frank Lowy.

Cox said she would be encouraging women to post a lot of letters in the next few months. “All the ones [women] that have been picked in this case have made a different in a not so conventional way and I think that is a really good lesson for people to understand – that there’s lots of ways of making a difference,” she said.

Cox began her quest for equality when, as a single mother, she dedicated herself to improving childcare options in the 1970s.

She was born in Vienna just before the Anschluss, but her parents recognised the impending danger to Jewish people and fled. The grandmother of two follows in a strong tradition of Jewish women’s activists.