Department approves Danby’s ads

Michael Danby. Photo: Peter Haskin

MICHAEL Danby’s advertisements in The AJN that sparked a media storm have been approved by the Federal Department of Finance, which authorises spending by Federal MPs.

“My office put in the request for approval to the correct authority in Canberra before this controversy broke, and it was approved,” Danby told The AJN.

“It’s the same communications budget and same rules for everyone.”

Danby said that, like any Member or Senator, he apportions his communications budget to reflect issues in his electorate, and that these adverts were a small part of that budget.

“In this case we placed a couple of advertisements reflecting the Australian Jewish community’s sentiment.

“Placing these ads represents my constituents.”

The Federal MP said he was communicating with the 20 per cent plus of his electorate that cares about biased coverage of Israel in the media.


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