Emanuel fundraising drive to benefit Cambodian boy

A CAMBODIAN boy will have the opportunity of a lifetime because of a fundraising initiative thanks to five Emanuel School ­students.

Year 9 boys Joshua Israeli, Bradley Silver, Theodore Cruthers, Aaron Shaul and Daniel Smuskowitz were inspired by their school’s life coach, Maxine Chopard, to raise $5000 for 16-year-old Khaeng to allow him to come to Australia and study at Emanuel for five weeks.

“His amazing story has made an impact on the way we think about everything, so we are raising money for this child to have a better life,” 15-year-old Smuskowitz said.

“Even though he is underprivileged, he is working hard for his future and we hope that this will inspire him to keep working towards his dreams, and we want to show him that people do care,”
he said.

The students are also aiming to raise enough money to donate to the Green Gecko project – a charity that educates and betters the lives of Cambodian street children.

“We are going to work hard until we reach our goal of bringing Khaeng to Australia,” Smuskowitz said.

The boys said they believed this particular project was relevant to them as Jewish boys whose ancestors suffered at the hands of Hitler.

“We know what it is like because we, as a religion and as people, have been abused and discriminated against.

“It’s a horrible thought that just because this young, enthusiastic child was born in the wrong place, his life is an absolute struggle, so we should do everything to help them.”

The boys, along with the committee, are starting off their fundraising efforts with a mufti day, a barbecue and a movie night.

For more info or to donate, email Maxine Chopard: [email protected].


Emanuel’s life coach Maxine Chopard (left) and teacher Lara Sperber with the five boys, (from left) Aaron Shaul, Daniel Smuskowitz, Joshua Israeli, Theodore Cruthers and Bradley Silver, who are raising money to bring an underprivileged Cambodian boy to Australia.