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Glory and pain – the hazards of being a fund manager

By marcus padley I manage a $38 million Australian equity fund. It was great last year, the market was up 12 per cent and we were up 23 per cent.

What to do after the market mayhem

by Roger Balch Although the natural reaction upon seeing headlines like “As of lunchtime November 21 the ASX had wiped out two years of gains” (in the AFR) is to […]

Why much-loved shares can fall out of favour

By ADam spicer A “market darling” can be thought of as a high-flying growth stock that attracts the attention of the investment world and invariably trades at a ludicrous and […]

Why you should update your will now

Barry Mendel & Jill Nes An uncomfortable heading I know, but one that needs to be addressed and preferably sooner than later – especially if you haven’t revisited your Will […]

Reasons to be cautiously optimistic

by Scott Haslem 2018 has been a challenging year for investors. After strong growth and a pick-up in inflation in the first half of 2018, growth became less synchronised and slowed […]

Inheriting a home

by Benny Berkowitz Many readers of the Australian Jewish News can expect to inherit the home of a deceased family member, an event that may have significant tax implications. It […]

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Hearts and minds working together

by Allan Goldstein Cooper Investors presented at the third Sohn Hearts & Minds investment conference held in Melbourne on November 16. The conference sees a dozen of Australia’s top fund […]

Ladies, let’s talk about money

Who is Irit Harris? I am an infinite learner. I am a qualified biomedical engineer, I have over 10 years’ experience in the banking sector, an MBA, accreditation to give […]

(Genetic) Information is power

Who is Zoë Milgrom? I’m 37, married to Adam, and together we have two delicious boys, Noah and Asher. I am passionate about great food, experiencing nature through my kids’ […]

Reality check with Nicole Small

What are some key qualities that make a successful start-up? Building a successful start-up is really hard. Most start-ups fail, even when they tick all the right boxes. In venture […]