‘Golden’ Sami farewelled

Vale Samantha Rebillet.

TRIBUTES have been paid to film director, producer, actress, singer and songwriter Samantha Rebillet, who died tragically at the age of 45 last week.

During her career, Rebillet had guest appearances on well-known Australian television shows Water Rats, Murder Call and All Saints. She also directed and produced Butterfly Man, a documentary that won a Silver Club award at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2004.

“It seems impossible that we are here today remembering a person who should be here beside us, we all feel such a mix of emotions, there is pain and deep mourning and grief but we must remember from the depths of our sorrow to be grateful for the blessing of Sami’s life, for the privilege of knowing her, of the beauty of her presence, the light of her smile, her laughter, her heart, her spirit,” Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio said at Sami’s funeral on Monday.

“Sami was loved by so many people and her last journal entries tell us that she knew and felt your embrace, your support.

“She did not feel alone, she was struggling with her illness, she was doing everything she could to rekindle the spark, to find the light and she was on her way, she was preparing for the future, looking ahead to a better tomorrow, but in one, sudden overwhelming moment the struggle overtook her.”

Rabbi Ninio said there is nothing that anyone could have done to help Sami.

“The Sami we all knew would not want anyone to carry that burden or for that moment to define her or our connection with her.”

Sami’s husband and best friend Ilan Kidron spoke at her funeral.

“You lit the world with your brilliant, hungry for learning, understanding, warm eyes, your electric beauty, and, through your golden soul, when you played the piano and sang, I heard and felt the truth,” Kidron said.

“When you walked into a room everyone fell in love.”

He said Sami was the most romantic passionate, kind, respectful and patient partner anyone could dream of.

“Remi and Gabe,” he said addressing Sami’s children, “your mum’s light is very much alive.

“It is not out. It will never ever go out. It has been immersed into everything.

“It is shimmering inside you, inside all of us and outside in the world.”