Happy Pesach from our nation’s leaders

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have made their final pitches to readers of The Australian Jewish News ahead of Saturday’s federal election.

As Jewish families across Australia mark the festival of Pesach, The AJN would like to wish the community a Chag Sameach. Here are our political leaders’ Pesach greetings.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

I WISH a chag Pesach sameach to all those celebrating the festival of Passover here in Australia and around the world.

Passover is a time of memory and renewal. 

For Jewish communities everywhere, this is a moment to recall the triumph of freedom over oppression, and a chance to remember that the path to liberty often entails great sacrifice.

At Passover, Jewish people recall more than the bitterness of oppression, for that alone cannot build a better world. Instead, Passover is a reminder of the responsibility of freedom, and the value of kindness and tzedakah in building a better world.

Australians are a diverse, optimistic and welcoming people, one of the most successful multicultural societies on earth. We hold dear the principle that everyone deserves a fair go, and that our differences don’t have to divide us; rather, they enrich us. We draw strength from them together.

I thank Australia’s Jewish community for your commitment to these values, seen in your care and respect for your neighbours, and in your love for this country. It is also apparent in your commitment to interfaith dialogue and a peaceful and harmonious future for our nation.

I also wish to acknowledge the exceptional contributions Jewish people make to our nation across every field of endeavour, and to the special bonds of friendship we share with the people of Israel. This year marks the 70th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations, of our nation’s “inevitable and just” choice to stand with the Jewish people and their vision for a Jewish state – a place of sanctuary where they would never again face persecution.

As Jewish families gather around the seder table this year, my hope is that it will be a good and pleasant time “for brethren to dwell together in unity” and that you will draw strength from the blessings and liberties of our free and peaceful land.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

IT gives me great pleasure to send my best wishes to the Australian Jewish community on the occasion of Passover. 

Jewish families around the globe will gather together on the 15th day of the Nisan to reflect on the enduring values of the Hebrew faith: freedom, justice and redemption. 

Passover commemorates the Jewish people’s liberation from slavery in Egypt and can be summarised by the adage, “For once we were slaves, now we are free.” 

The story of Passover offers a timeless lesson for all of us to show humanity and offer our support to those fleeing tyranny, persecution and oppression. 

It also reminds us of the need to be ever vigilant against ignorance, fear and racism, and to stand up for equality, harmony and respect for all people. 

On behalf of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, I wish the Australian Jewish community a safe and joyous Passover. 

Pesach sameach.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Photo: Noel Kessel

I AM delighted to offer my Passover wishes bringing peace, happiness and prosperity to readers of The Australian Jewish News.

Pesach is a chance to share the Seder table and celebrate the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery and opportunity for spiritual redemption.

It is also a chance to reflect on the theme of exodus, a story that resonates among many migrant communities here in Australia.

As Premier, I am proud of our harmonious multicultural society, I thank the Jewish community for their commitment to our democratic and peaceful way of life and wish you well on this important holy day.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews 

Photo: Peter Haskin

AS we prepare to celebrate Passover, I send my very best wishes to the readers of The Australian Jewish News and every Jewish Australian.

On Passover, Jewish people around the world celebrate their liberation from slavery and oppression.

And as we mark this occasion in Victoria, we reflect on the many extraordinary contributions that Jewish Victorians have made to our state.

Today, because of those contributions – made over many years – our state is immeasurably stronger, more tolerant, and more forward-looking.

Our government will always recognise those contributions – and always support Jewish Victorians to celebrate and share the traditions they hold dear.

On behalf of our government, I hope this Passover brings you, and your loved ones, happiness, peace, and good health.

Interim NSW opposition leader Penny Sharpe 

Penny Sharpe MLC.

I WISH a Chag Pesach Sameach to the Jewish community of NSW and to Jewish people and their families all around the world who are celebrating the festival of Passover this week.

Pesach commemorates the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in ancient Egypt and the triumph of freedom over oppression, but also reminds us all of the importance of building a better world, of looking after the less fortunate, and of the importance of tzedakah.

I recognise the enormous contribution to our state made by the Jewish community of NSW. Our state would simply be unrecognisable without it. The Jewish community of NSW’s commitment to multiculturalism, to building bridges between communities and to standing against hatred and intolerance is something all of us are very grateful for.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that this year marks the 70th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between Australia and the State of Israel.

I hope Jewish people and their families across NSW have a happy and peaceful Pesach as they come together around the Seder table this year.

A Chag Pesach Sameach to you all!

Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien

IT is my great pleasure to send my warmest wishes to Victoria’s Jewish community as it comes together to celebrate Passover.

This is a most holy and joyous occasion for Jewish communities all around the world including here in Victoria and is a cherished time to spend with family and loved ones in the spirit of reflection and community celebration.

In Victoria, we are fortunate to live in a diverse society where significant events such as Passover can be observed and celebrated freely.

Victoria’s Jewish community has a strong and proud history, greatly enriching our state’s diverse, multifaith society and I thank you for your vital and ongoing contribution to our state.

On behalf of the Liberal Nationals, I wish your family and community a peaceful and joyous Passover. Chag Pesach sameach.