Hate in regional Victoria

A screenshot from the Antipodean Resistance video.

REPORTS that a neo-Nazi group held a “radicalisation camp” in Victoria’s Grampians National Park and that an ad appeared in a local paper calling for people interested in “white pride” to form an alliance have been decried as “chilling” by the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC).

A video of the three-day Antipodean Resistance camp in Wilson’s Promontory showed members unfurling flags bearing the swastika and giving the Nazi salute.

At the end it urges viewers to “Join your local Nazis”.

The ad, meanwhile, in the Pyrenees Advocate, stated, “Wanted: people interested in white pride and right-wing politic’s [sic] to form an alliance. Beaufort area.” 

Responding to the incidents, ADC chair Dvir Abramovich, said, “It is chilling that in today’s Australia there are hate groups that remain determined to push their bigoted agenda and online activities to the real world, marching in Victoria with Nazi flags, and seeking to recruit likeminded individuals to their vile cause.”