Highlighting who we help

Max Lemberg, one of the subjects of the Humans of JCA.

JCA raised $14.2 million last year and aims to raise $15.3 million this year, with the organisation shaking up its 2016 campaign which will shine the spotlight on members of our community instead of bringing out guest speakers.

At its campaign launch on Monday night, a new photographic exhibition celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of the local Jewish community was unveiled.

Humans of JCA, which has been specially curated for JCA’s 2016 Fundraising Campaign, is being held at Bondi Beach, with a range of events scheduled between May 25 and June 18.

The exhibition showcases the work of 25 world-renowned and aspiring Jewish photographers, all of whom volunteered their time and talent because of their passion for the community and the many organisations which serve its needs. It tells the stories of people whose lives have been enriched and transformed as a result of their membership of the community.

The exhibition is designed to promote understanding of the importance of JCA’s role, and the uniqueness of the centralised fundraising and planning model adopted in NSW almost 50 years ago.

“JCA was created to help our local Jewish community come together, to pool our funds and share them where needed most. As our community has flourished, so too has the incredible work of those most connected to our member organisations,” JCA president Stephen Chipkin said.

“This year we hope to share with you the stories, the acts of humanity that take place every day in our ­community.”

Humans of JCA will officially open on May 26 with a major donor cocktail event. Other events will feature music, short films, food and a range of speakers.

“The variety of event times was designed to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity of attending an event at the gallery,” JCA CEO Daniel Grynberg said.

School students will also be given an opportunity to view the exhibition outside of scheduled events, and there will be public open days towards the end of the exhibition period.

Jewish filmmaker Adam Dostalek, who directed the short films which will be shown at exhibition events, said: “I’ve been given the opportunity to explore some of the most inspiring and motivating stories within our community. I only hope that my work will inspire others to get involved and want to make a difference.”


For more information, visit www.jca.org.au.