JCA welcomes acting CEO

Alain Hasson (left) and Bruce Goldsmith.

A MAJOR shift in JCA’s leadership – with Bruce Goldsmith stepping down from the role of CEO and Alain Hasson taking over as acting CEO – has been articulated as “bittersweet” by JCA president Stephen Chipkin.

Describing Goldsmith as “warm, respected and highly regarded”, Chipkin said the former CEO has “played a positive role for three successive years, in overseeing three very successful campaigns, our most recent one in particular”.

Goldsmith similarly pointed to successive campaigns, culminating in the 2019 Insight and Illumination fundraising event, as a highlight of his term.

“The common feedback we received was when you put 1700 people in a room it creates a great sense of communal togetherness that really overcomes so many of the differences that exist within our community … Somehow we absolutely nailed it,” remarked Goldsmith, who will now focus on pursuing an innovative corporate advisory business.

“The spirit of the community was palpable on the night and it is that aspect of my tenure that has been one of the greatest rewards of being a part of JCA.”

But he said “the most significant thing” has been the new fundraising and allocations model for donors. “It’s probably our biggest change to JCA in 51 years.”

Chipkin said that Hasson, who has been with JCA for six years and turns 40 in October, “brings a new-generation energy to the role”.

Prior to starting as acting CEO this week, Hasson served as JCA’s chief operating officer.

Paying tribute to those that led the organisation before him, Hasson said Goldsmith “brought great corporate and strategic thinking” to the role.

“He helped lead the change to programs over the last year. I have a lot to take from him and I thank him for all he has done.”

It is a strong legacy that Hasson hopes to continue.

“One of my core focuses will be fundraising,” commented Hasson.

“I’m overwhelmingly excited to have the opportunity … I worked in banking and finance and project management, and for a long time I wanted something a bit more meaningful. I’ve found that in the JCA.”

Hasson also believes he is the first employee to be appointed as CEO from within the organisation. “This obviously presents numerous opportunities to hit the ground running,” he remarked.

Hasson has overseen a number of planning projects, including the landmark Gen17 report and the Observership Program.

“I am also the co-founder of JBridge and was intricately involved in developing and leading the implementation of JCA’s new model. I think there is an opportunity to leverage that,” he remarked.