Lacrosse World Cup begins in Israel

ALMOST 50 countries and over 2000 athletes are currently competing for the World Lacrosse Championship (WLC) in Netanya, Israel.

The event is the pinnacle of the sport and is put on every four years by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL).
It’s the first WLC held outside of Australia, Canada, England and the United States.

Israel has had success in the lacrosse arena in recent years claiming second place in the 2016 European championship and seventh in the WLC in 2014.

The Jewish State has seen plenty of international sporting action recently, hosting the EuroBasket last summer, the European Judo Championships and the Giro D’Italia grand cycling tour.

Of course it wouldn’t be an international event in Israel without some opposition – leading into the WLC, the BDS movement called on the Iroquois Nationals, a Native American team, to boycott the championships, as they argued that both the Iroquois Confederacy and the Palestinian people “struggle for self-determination and against ongoing dispossession and colonisation”.

The Iroquois Nationals ignored the call to boycott and made the conscious decision to compete in Israel.