Like new: York’s half-century on the court

EXACTLY 44 years after representing Australia at the eighth Maccabiah Games in 1969, Maccabi Australia stalwart Tom York will return to Israel for the 19th edition of the Games, before heading to the World Masters Games in Turin, Italy.

In his 50th consecutive year of playing basketball, York will take to the court for Australia’s over-45 masters team in Israel in July, before playing in the 65-70 age group with Melbourne-based team Myths and Legends in the Masters Games.

“I’m really looking forward to this whole experience,” the 67- year-old told The AJN.

“It’s given me a target and a purpose, and I’ve been training and practising every day.”

York says he has the same pas- sion for the game as he did when he first took to the court half-a-cen- tury ago.

“Apart from the loss of my hair and a few extra kilos, I still love to play,” York said.

“I’ve reached the highest level, taking teams to the Olympics and world championships and I know it’s in my blood.”

Ashley Shenker