March of the Living film released

A screenshot from Never Forget: A March of the Living Story.

AS the 2016 contingent embarks on March of the Living (MOTL), filmmaker Adam Dostalek has chosen Yom Hashoah to release his documentary, Never Forget: A March of the Living Story, to the public.

Dostalek found himself inspired to create a short film after taking part in Young Adult MOTL in 2014. He employed a crowdfunding campaign to make it a reality, and the film was completed in February 2015.

“The purpose of this film is so that Jews and non-Jews alike, from all around the world, can be made aware of the amazing opportunity that is March of the Living,” Dostalek explained. “The Holocaust was not just a tragedy to Jews, but to all of mankind. As a young Jewish adult, I feel that it’s up to our generation to make sure we don’t forget what happened.

“My goal is to inspire people from all around the world to want to participate in a program that is so important for our history and the Jewish legacy.”

As of Thursday (May 5), the film is available for anyone to watch online for free, any time. Visitors to the site will also have the opportunity to make donations to help spread the film and its message around the globe.

Producer Anthony Salamon said he believes the time is right to make the film available to the public.

“After having participated in the film festival circuit last year and being recognised with various accolades, the time is right, now more than ever, to bring our message of hope, tolerance and peace to the global community,” Salamon said.

The MOTL program began this week in Poland, where participants visit a number of the sites of Shoah atrocities, and also have the chance to learn about the rich Jewish life that existed there prior to the Holocaust. This year’s March is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials.

After a week in Poland, the group will travel to Israel in time to mark Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut. Forty-five adults and 10 students make up the Australian contingent for 2016.