Melbourne call out to honour the fallen

THE memory of fallen Israeli soldier Yonni Wodak was kept dear by his fellow soldier and friend Sam Stiglec at last year’s Yom Hazikaron communal commemoration in Melbourne.

Stiglec (pictured) lit a candle for his friend, who died on October 9, 1973, during the Yom Kippur War in the battle of Kuneitra.

Wodak’s biography and excerpts from his eulogy were presented as Stiglec honoured his memory.

“I heard from your friends how you entertained them during the first nights of war. You told jokes and did mimics to help them stay awake. You kept up their morale. You stopped the invaders and the outposts did not fall. And the people of Israel continue to live,” Wodak’s father wrote in his son’s eulogy, recounted on the night.

For Stiglec and many others, the annual Melbourne Yom Hazikaron communal commemoration provides an opportunity to highlight the stories and bravery of a fallen loved

To be held on Sunday, May 8 at the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University in Melbourne, the evening will recall those who gave their lives for the creation and continued security of the State of Israel.

An important aspect of the evening is the involvement of community members, like Stiglec, who lost a friend or family member in one of Israel’s wars or terrorist attacks.

In order to include as many bereaved families and friends as possible, the host organisations are calling on community members to contact Keren Smolarski at the Zionist Council of Victoria with information about the fallen relative or friend on (03) 9272 5544.