New Jewish burial ground

David Knoll, from the NSW JBOD, assisted in bringing a new Jewish burial ground in Sutherland to fruition.

THE NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) together with Woronora Memorial Park, administered by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trusts (SMCT) in NSW, have announced the consecration of a new Jewish burial area within Woronora Memorial Park, Sutherland.

The newly consecrated area will provide for the needs of the growing Bankstown, Hurstville and Wollongong-based Jewish communities.

The cemetery grounds will be consecrated by Rabbi Chaim Ingram, representing the Sydney Beth Din, this Sunday, May 15.

The consecration will follow biblical traditions where Rabbi Ingram will walk the perimeter of the newly allocated Jewish section as part of the formal ceremony. The burial area will allow for up to two burials per grave as per the guidelines issued by the Sydney Beth Din.

Graham Boyd, CEO of the SMCT, said, “After consecration, the new burial area will be formally gazetted for Jewish burial with special layout in accordance with the needs of the Jewish faith and community. The new graves will be ready for release before the end of the third quarter of 2016.”

Boyd said the cemetery is grateful to David Knoll of JBOD, who has been “instrumental in making the needs of Jewish ­community known to Woronora Memorial Park and the provision of an additional 120 consecrated graves”.

“The area to be consecrated is located in one of the most pristine areas of Woronora Memorial Park,” he added.

JBOD president Jeremy Spinak commented: “We are pleased to endorse this announcement and commend the efforts of Woronora Memorial Park and David Knoll in making this happen.

“We also thank the Sydney Beth Din and Sydney Chevra Kadisha for their cooperation and support, and Rabbi Chaim Ingram for conducting the consecration. This will be a great asset to the Jewish community of the area.”