OBK kneads government’s dough

Look, this is how you do it! Jack at Our Big Kitchen with his grandfather, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and Vaucluse MP Gabrielle Upton. Photo: Shane Desiatnik

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull put his cooking skills to the test when announcing a $48,000 grant to upgrade Our Big Kitchen’s (OBK) security system during a visit there last Friday, but the real star was his four-year-old grandson, Jack.

The youngster helped to bake challah with the Member for Wentworth alongside Vaucluse MP Gabrielle Upton, co-founders of OBK Rabbi Dovid Slavin and Laya Slavin, Waverley Councillors, other dignitaries and dozens of volunteers from OBK and Kids Giving Back.

Taking part in Grandparents Day as part of the Cook4Good school holiday program, Turnbull said, “OBK is a phenomenal place – it is an exercise in practical love … The contributions that you all make here – whether it is kids or adults giving of their time [in the kitchen] or donating – is all about philanthropy … When we are loving and generous, that is when we are closest to God.”

Getting among the hustle and bustle in the kitchen, Turnbull peeled carrots and potatoes with Jack, while sharing the recipe for his signature dish, passata, featuring pureed tomatoes, garlic and roasted potatoes.

“I do passata a bit differently,” he said, before swapping kitchen utensils for a chequebook.

Rabbi Dovid Slavin with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Shane Desiatnik

“I’m very pleased to announce here today a $48,000 grant to OBK to provide additional security, CCTV and general security measures to make this wonderful place safer for everyone.”

Rabbi Slavin said, “I’m delighted the Prime Minister is joining us today, in his capacity of being a grandfather … Today also marks the completion of our upgrade at Yeshiva, which is thanks to Harry Triguboff [owner of the Yeshiva Centre site].”

Turnbull similarly extended his gratitude to Triguboff, who was present. “Harry is a big supporter of OBK [and Yeshiva]. The amount of love and generosity you have shown to the community is extraordinary – you have such a big heart and you are a big inspiration.”

While there, Jack spent time playing with the Slavins’ children Rivka, 4, and Mussia, 8, and Triguboff’s four-year-old great-grandson Asher.

OBK volunteers and SCEGGS high school students Charlotte Grbin and Roxy Young said they were thrilled to take selfies with the Prime Minister.

“It was pretty surreal because you see him a lot on TV but to actually see him in real life – in the kitchen – was pretty cool.”


Dough-re-mi! Malcolm Turnbull, his grandson Jack and Vaucluse MP Gabrielle Upton doing prep preparation for baking challah. Photo: Shane Desiatnik