Peres painting could save a life

Moty Grau with the painting of Shimon Peres.

A GOLD COAST hairdresser is hopeful that his painting of the late Shimon Peres will raise much-needed funds to save the life of a friend battling cancer in Israel.

Moty Grau, who is originally from Israel but has lived in Australia for more than 10 years, enjoys painting as a hobby. He created the artwork shortly after the former Israeli leader passed away last month.

“He was a great man,” Grau told The AJN. “He represents a lot of goodness, [and] probably the last of a generation that disappears now from Israel. He’s definitely someone we’re all going to miss.”

The portrait is now up for auction, and Grau explained that all proceeds will go towards a good friend of his in Israel, Noa Bozna.

Bozna, 34, has gastric cancer, and her best option for life-saving treatment is a medication not yet funded by the government, which therefore comes at a cost of 650,000 shekels, or approximately $220,000 Australian dollars.

“That’s for three years’ treatment, which can save her life and let her be a mum,” Grau said, noting that she has a young daughter. “Without this, she won’t have long. That’s something she knows and everybody knows.”

So far, with the help of family and friends, Bozna’s campaign has raised 410,000 shekels, which means there is about $80,000 (AUD) still needed. Grau hopes auctioning off his painting will contribute to this target.

He encouraged individuals or organisations to consider bidding on the painting, insisting that its purchase could not only save a life, but that owning such a painting would accord the top bidder with a symbol of history.

But even for those not in a position to bid on the painting, he said making a donation to Bozna’s cause would go a long way.

“Being Jewish, we all want to do a mitzvah. It’s in our blood,” Grau said. “Every dollar counts.”

The auction ends on October 31. To place a bid, call Moty on 0411 820 559, or email [email protected] To donate to Noa, visit