Represent the green and gold in Mexico 2019

WITH nominations officially closing on August 6, time is ticking to be part of the Australian team for the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games to be hosted by Mexico City in July 2019.

Head of the Australian delegation, Sam Gamsu, is hopeful at least 120 junior, open and masters athletes and officials will don the green and gold in sports including swimming, basketball, football, triathlon and more.

These games will be the third for Maccabi NSW president Lauren Ehrlich (pictured with her 2011 tennis teammates, from left: Noah Ehrlich, Paul Ehrlich and David Sofaer, who won eight golds in Chile).

For those not sure if the Games are for them, Ehrlich has this message: “it offers a unique opportunity – with athletes competing centrally at fantastic community facilities, it means we can directly share and celebrate each other’s achievements – and it’s perfect for families”.

Ehrlich said the Games are also a chance to experience and learn about Mexican culture. “There will be no shortage of dancing and festivities,” she said.

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