Succah by the Sea

A periscopic view from the succah designed by Scale Architecture.

REGULAR visitors to Sydney’s iconic Sculpture by the Sea can look forward to something a little different this year.

In collaboration with Shalom, and under the creative directorship of William Feuerman, six succahs designed by local and international architects will be on display at Marks Park from October 24 to November 10, forming part of the annual outdoor exhibition along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. 

“When I was introduced to Succah by the Sea, which was inspired by Succah City in New York, I was instantly interested and excited,” remarked Feuerman, who is director of Sydney-based research and design practice, Office Feuerman.

Crowds at Sculpture by the Sea.

Creatively leading Succah by the Sea has “reconnected” him to Judaism, said Feuerman, but “being able to expand the discussion of what a succah is beyond just the Jewish community and share that in an artistic and architectural way is what really brought me into the project”.

Tasked with selecting six firms to design the succahs, Feuerman chose Other Architects, Raffaello Rosselli, Supermanoeuvre, Scale Architecture, Lucy Humphrey Studio, and Fake Industries + GFA2 as “emerging young practices that are focusing on defining architecture in a variety of ways”, said Feuerman.

Taking into account the stipulations of a succah, architects explored themes pertaining to Succot around community, sustainability and shelter.

While differences between the succahs are stark – Lucy Humphrey, for instance, is dying timber with seaweed to bring environmental aspects of the site into her project, and Other Architects is flipping a succah “inside out” – the overall aesthetic connects the succahs into one cohesive whole.

“We have designed a table that is cut up into six pieces and each of those pieces interact with one of the six succahs in a different way,” said Feuerman. “That allows for them to have a cohesive language.”

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