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Seventy years on: recognising reality

Recognising a Palestinian state in these circumstances would therefore not help to end the conflict with Israel, but would almost certainly inaugurate a new and bloodier phase of that conflict.

Warsaw Ghetto uprising: From resistance to independence

When I think of these brave men, women and children who, almost entirely unaided by the world, took up arms and fought for their lives, I think of how proud they would have been had they survived to see the State of Israel flourish.

Past and present athletes honoured

IT was a night of sombre celebration as Melbourne hosted a 20th anniversary commemoration for the 1997 Maccabiah bridge collapse before farewelling the Melbourne athletes for July’s 20th Maccabiah Games.

Buchenwald survivors reunite

THE Buchenwald Boys and their families commemorated and celebrated the 72nd anniversary of their liberation this month.

Doctor Who’s Jewish roots

FROM Gallifrey to Gameworld Gamma and from the Library to the Lost Moon of Poosh, whether you’re a Cyberman, a Silurian or a Sontaran, this weekend throughout the entire Whoniverse,