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Breakfast with Julie Bishop

AUSTRALIA is one of a small handful of countries prepared to stand up and vote against one-sided antisemitic resolutions at the UN General Assembly, former foreign minister Julie Bishop said.

Apology over ‘Jewish guests’ sign

The manager of a hotel in Switzerland has said she was wrong to post signs instructing “Jewish guests” to shower before entering the pool and to access the refrigerator at set times.

Double arson at UK kosher restaurants

Police have launched a manhunt after two arson attacks at kosher restaurants in Manchester in four days.

Teen attacked on Facebook

An Australian teenager has been targeted by a wave of vicious hate posts on Facebook after members of a group she joined discovered she was Jewish.

Hamas ‘remains committed to genocide’

Australian Jewish leaders have been quick to dismiss Hamas’ new policy document as a sham and a publicity stunt.

Nazi posters in Melbourne

Anti-Semitic and racist posters have been stuck on walls in Melbourne this week by a group claiming to be “Australia’s only National Socialist Youth organisation”.

Neo-Nazi posters at Melbourne Uni

A racist, anti-Semitic poster has been circulated around the University of Melbourne campus, depicting Jews as introducing “hordes” of minorities.

‘Jews only have envy, hatred’

A cleric has raised the ire of communal leaders after declaring the hearts of Jews are “harder than a stone” in a sermon to children at Quakers Hill Mosque.

Gun seized over anti-Semitic views

A Victorian man who claims Israel was behind the two World Wars and Islamic State has lost his appeal to have his firearms licence reinstated.

‘Urgent need’ to act on genocide advocacy

A Pakistani cleric sent home from an Australian speaking tour last week after a video emerged of him declaring, “It is the guarantee of world peace when the last Jew is slain” illustrates the “urgent need” for a new criminal offence of advocacy of genocide.