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Swastika daubed on Anne Frank poster

ANNE Frank’s life-affirming reflection in her famous Holocaust-era diary that “people are really good at heart” was tested last week, when a swastika was daubed on a poster promoting a small Melbourne theatre company’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Why Dahl must not be chocolate coated

Why do so few even know of Roald Dahl's antisemitism, despite his proudly trumpeting his views in mainstream publications? asks Rabbi James Kennard.

NSW Labor MP supports Frydenberg

NSW Labor frontbencher Walt Secord has thrown his support behind Josh Frydenberg, labelling dual citizenship claims against the federal Treasurer as being “deeply rooted in antisemitism”.

‘We no longer feel comfortable in our own shule’

When Rabbi Mark Rosenberg’s family played back the footage on their home’s security cameras in North Miami Beach, they could hear the rat-tat-tat of bullets being fired at the synagogue a few blocks away. On Sunday, a man had been shot repeatedly in front of the Young Israel of Greater Miami as he waited for daily services.

Rabbi calls for ‘pro-semitism’

DURING a speaking tour in Sydney and Melbourne last week, Johannesburg-based president of the South African Rabbinical Association, Rabbi Yossy Goldman, offered his view on how best to tackle growing antisemitism worldwide ... "through pro-semitism".

CNN contributor found making antisemitic tweets

A CNN contributor has apologised for tweets offensive to the Jewish community.

French authorities allow Israeli soccer fans to wave their flag in Strasbourg

Following protests, authorities in eastern France rescinded a ban they had issued forbidding soccer fans from Israel from flying their country’s flag in the streets of Strasbourg.

France: Don’t fly Israeli flag outside stadium

FRENCH authorities have told Israelis not to fly their country's flag in the streets of Strasbourg due to concerns about security and public order.

Mitchell: ‘Antisemitism revolts me, disturbs me’

IN the wake of the targeting of Josh Frydenberg, radio broadcaster Neil Mitchell has delivered a passionate plea to Australians to reject antisemitism whenever they see it.

Jewish bikers stand up to hate

THE fight against antisemitism got some extra revs last Sunday when Yids On Wheels (YOW), a Jewish motorcycle club, paid a visit to Aliza's Place cafe in the suburb of Chadstone, which was targeted twice this month with anti-Jewish hate graffiti.