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Double arson at UK kosher restaurants

Police have launched a manhunt after two arson attacks at kosher restaurants in Manchester in four days.

British student killed, prisoners hunger strike

With Jerusalem residents reeling from a fatal attack and security prisoners launching a mass hunger strike, tensions between Palestinians and Israel are rising again.

Deep divisions over Amona evacuation

Some 60 Israeli police officers were recovering from injuries this week, after being attacked by pro-settler activists who turned violent to oppose an outpost evacuation.

Haifa shooting

Haifa shooting was terror attack

His girlfriend teased him that he was a “Jew lover”. Shortly afterwards, Mahmoud Shinawi proved that he wasn’t – by going on a shooting spree against residents of his own city, Haifa.

Community mourns ‘happy and bubbly’ Thalia

THE Jewish community is in mourning following the death of 10-year-old Thalia Hakin, who was killed in Friday’s car ramming attack in Melbourne.

Israel in mourning as terror returns

Four Israeli families have found themselves sitting shiva this week, after a Palestinian man slammed a truck in to their loved ones on Sunday.

Four killed in truck attack

A truck has crashed into a group of soldiers in eastern Jerusalem, killing four and injuring at least 15, in what is suspected to be a terrorist attack.


Nice’s defiant Jews gather on Shabbat

NICE’s Jewish community held Shabbat activities in a spirit of solidarity and defiance after a terrorist killed scores of people in the city in southern France.

Latest victim hailed a hero

A young mother has been mourning her childhood sweetheart at a packed Shiva house this week, devastated by his murder at their local supermarket.

No let up in terror as the new year begins

AS he celebrated the start of 2016, Alon Bakal texted his father saying: “I love life.” The next day, his life was cruelly taken by a terrorist in a Tel