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Antisemitic email targets Phelps

ONLY days into the federal election campaign, the race for the seat of Wentworth has been sullied by an offensive email targeting Jewish MP Dr Kerryn Phelps.

Forging partnerships to fight injustice

After participating in the AUJS Holocaust Education Tour, I am now confident that AUJS will no longer protest against antisemitism on campus alone.

Are youth apathetic about politics? Not us

Perhaps the question is not why young people don’t engage with politics. A better question is why, when they’re capable of stating clearly and openly what problems our system faces, don’t we give them more opportunities and space to lead?

AUJS campaign receives international award

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) was recognised on the international stage when the organisation won the Campaign of the Year award at last week's World Union of Jewish Students Congress.

Jewish candidate vying for Wentworth preselection

JEWISH candidate Richard Shields has thrown his hat into the ring for Liberal preselection in Wentworth, which is to be decided tonight (Thursday).

Melbourne turns blue and white

ISRAELI flags fluttered, clutched in the hands of many amidst the sea of blue and white. Many happy faces were adorned with a painted Magen David, and Hebrew tunes were carried aloft upon the twilight breeze. The smell of falafel was in the air, as was a palpable love for Israel. This was Yom Ha'atzmaut 70 – Melbourne style. 

Transmission, continuity and unparalleled access

At this time of year, when we reflect on the transmission of the Jewish narrative from parent to child, we should also reflect on the transmission of communal responsibilities to the youth of our community.

Disability in the Jewish community: video launched

As International Day of People with a Disability was marked around the globe, several Jewish organisations hosted a "You can ask me anything" breakfast at the Caulfield Park Pavilion.

AUJS in Canberra

IN an unparalleled opportunity to learn from leading politicians, journalists, lobbyists and community leaders, 45 students from the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) recently attended a three-day Political Training Seminar (PTS) in Canberra.

Young achievers recognised

GIDON Goodman – the determined Sydney teenager who successfully campaigned to the NSW government to introduce a fairer hospital parking fee system – was among the big winners at last week’s Jewish Changemaker Awards ceremony in Sydney.