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Burns sworn in on Tanach

WEARING a kippah and holding a Tanach (Jewish Bible), Australia’s newest Jewish federal MP Josh Burns was sworn in to Parliament on Tuesday, after winning the seat of Macnamara in

‘Albo will be a strong friend of our community’

The Jewish community should have confidence that the new Labor leadership team will be strong friends of our Jewish community, writes incoming Macnamara MP Josh Burns.

Albanese’s record on Israel ‘somewhat mixed’

THE Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) has urged new Labor leader Anthony Albanese to ensure his party does not go down the same route as its British counterpart.

On his Mark

Speaking with Peter Kohn, Jewish ALP frontbencher Mark Dreyfus shares his visions for Australia and his hope of becoming a senior minister in a Shorten government.

Seventy years on: recognising reality

Recognising a Palestinian state in these circumstances would therefore not help to end the conflict with Israel, but would almost certainly inaugurate a new and bloodier phase of that conflict.

The Greens vote against our national security

It is The Greens' parliamentary habit of voting against all measures to enhance our counter-terror response that must be exposed to Australians.

Foley sorry after Vic barred

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley personally apologised because a Jewish community leader was barred entry to the launch of the Labor Union Multicultural Action Committee on Monday night.

Farewell Michael Danby

For all the mud that has been thrown at him – and there has been a fair bit – Michael Danby has put in the hours, not just for Australian Jewry but for the public as a whole as a hard grafting politician, who has remained true to his conscience whatever the fallout.

End of an era

AFTER 20 years in federal politics, Melbourne Ports MP Michael Danby today officially announced that he will step down at the end of the current parliamentary term.

Carr’s latest rant leaves ALP leaders’ patience ‘stretched’

A senior NSW Labor figure has slammed former foreign minister Bob Carr after he accused Israel of "war crimes" and said the recent Gaza violence "makes it inevitable" that federal Labor will recognise Palestine.