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‘Yemini does not represent us’

VICTORIAN and federal Jewish leaders have made it clear that a bid by extreme right-winger Avi Yemini to run for State Parliament at next year’s election does not have any kind of official endorsement from Australia’s Jewish community.

J-Air presenter barred

J-AIR presenter Abe Schwarz was prevented from going on air last Sunday night because, according to station management, he breached the station's guidelines and wasn't responding to emails or phone calls.

Controversial new organisation launches

The controversial launch of the Australian Jewish Association was held at South Caulfield Synagogue on September 10 after Mizrachi in Melbourne withdrew its offer to host the event.

We won’t be ‘cowed by political correctness’

THE launch event of a new group called the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) will go ahead, despite being booted out of Melbourne's Beth Weizmann Community Centre.

The real threat facing us

OUR community is justifiably concerned about recent developments within the ALP. The misguided push by some elements, led by Bob Carr, to unilaterally recognise the "State of Palestine" has gained some traction at recent state Labor conferences. Much of the rhetoric emanating from supporters of the Palestinian cause has been inflammatory, including morally offensive comparisons with apartheid South Africa. These decisions will have no bearing on Labor's foreign policy determined at its 2018 national conference.

Unsavoury bedfellows

WHEN did the world turn upside down? This Sunday, Neil Erikson, who in 2014 pleaded guilty to making racist phone calls to Melbourne’s Rabbi Dovid Gutnick, was due to rally alongside Jewish activist Avi Yemini in Sydney to demonstrate against the court ruling on the FREE shule in Bondi.

New hope for Bondi shule

WAVERLEY Council and the Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (FREE) met yesterday morning (Wednesday) to try and move forward with a development application (DA) to build a shule in Bondi.

Keep 18C intact, urge roof bodies

Australia's peak Jewish communal organisations have called for a hands-off approach to the Racial Discrimination Act’s provision prohibiting speech that offends or insults.

Furore over Jewish One Nation event

After a week of confusion and accusations of anti-Semitism, One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts have confirmed they will take questions from the community on December 4 at IDF Training in Caulfield.

Manny Waks sues brother

A bitter family feud between Manny Waks and his brother Avi Yemini is heading to the courts.