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Rabbi loses tenure appeal

FEARS that Sydney’s South Head Synagogue may have to sell its shule have been allayed after the NSW Court of Appeal ruled that Rabbi Benzion Milecki’s contract with the synagogue, as a company, did not include the Jewish legal principle of hazakah, life tenure.

‘Our converts are as kosher as yours’

HOSE in the position of authority must represent their constituents in accordance with applicable legal and ethical requirements. If that is not happening questions have to be asked and solutions have to be found. 

South Head to close at midday on Friday

THE administrator of South Head Synagogue is putting a padlock on the front door and closing the shule after a judge ruled that Rabbi Benzion Milecki’s contract cannot be terminated without a ruling from a Jewish court.

Rabbi and shul board clash

A BITTER feud has erupted between South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation’s board and Rabbi Yacov Barber, who hasn't been seen in the shul since July 1.

Doreen Beckwith is one of innumerable chained women

‘Chained’ women in the spotlight

The plight of Jewish women who are refused a religious divorce by their husbands will be highlighted in Set Me Free, an ABC-TV documentary airing on July 10.

Rabbis must pay $1.6 million

A BETH din has ordered Rabbi Pinchus Feldman and his son Rabbi Yossi Feldman to pay more than $1.6 million to another rabbi who claims he is on the verge of bankruptcy.

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New point of call for disputes

STOUSHES in the Jewish community could be resolved under a restructuring of the Melbourne Beth Din (MBD), which would authorise it to deal with civil and commercial cases.