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‘Appalling’ speaker

THE appearance of a prominent Israel boycott activist at the NSW Labor conference this weekend has been labelled “appalling”.

Carr’s latest rant leaves ALP leaders’ patience ‘stretched’

A senior NSW Labor figure has slammed former foreign minister Bob Carr after he accused Israel of "war crimes" and said the recent Gaza violence "makes it inevitable" that federal Labor will recognise Palestine.

Carr does a u-turn

FORMER foreign minister Bob Carr has withdrawn from an event billed as "The right of return … commemoration of 70th anniversary of Al Nakbah".

The real threat facing us

OUR community is justifiably concerned about recent developments within the ALP. The misguided push by some elements, led by Bob Carr, to unilaterally recognise the "State of Palestine" has gained some traction at recent state Labor conferences. Much of the rhetoric emanating from supporters of the Palestinian cause has been inflammatory, including morally offensive comparisons with apartheid South Africa. These decisions will have no bearing on Labor's foreign policy determined at its 2018 national conference.

Guy: We can learn from Israel

VICTORIAN Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says that Australians can learn a lot from the Israeli psyche of always facing challenges.

WA ALP now voting on Palestine recognition

JEWISH leaders have voiced concern over reports that a vote in Western Australia could become the next stage in a creeping move within the ALP to grant unconditional recognition to a Palestinian state.

Foley spruiks Carr’s Palestine stance

AHEAD of the NSW Labor Conference this weekend The AJN can reveal that NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley personally introduced Bob Carr at his local Auburn Lidcombe Branch meeting earlier this year.

ALP on a ‘dangerous path’

IT’S a long way from Cairns to Jerusalem, but the distance is shrinking, at least metaphorically, thanks to a group of Indigenous Australians who are committed to seeking justice for Israel in the harsh courts of international public opinion.

Bob Carr Israel

Bob-sessive compulsive distorter

Bob Carr’s attacks on Israel and silence on China highlight his hypocrisy, writes Labor MP Michael Danby.

Bob Carr Israel

Carr’s conference call

LABOR frontbencher Anthony Albanese has refused to distance himself from comments by his former colleague Bob Carr who said this week that the ALP should “light up the sky with a resolution that says the next Labor federal government will recognise Palestine”.