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Celebrating Abby

Abby Stein is the first openly transgender woman raised in a Chassidic community. She shares her journey with Rebecca Davis.

Western Wall

Bibi blasted for ‘betraying’ Jewish unity

THE government in Jerusalem is being accused of sabotaging the Israel–Diaspora relationship, after it suspended plans for a grand mixed-gender prayer gallery at the Western Wall.

Fury over rabbis support for anti-draft rally

TWO leading Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis have come under fire after they threw their support behind a gathering of ultra-Orthodox Melbourne Jews protesting new conscription laws in Israel that will force members of the Charedi community to serve in the army.

Barkat set for second term in Jerusalem

ISRAEL’S ultra-Orthodox community suffered a major setback on this week, when it failed to regain political power in Jerusalem.

War of the wall hots up

HAREDI women employed technology as their surprise weapon in the latest monthly showdown with women at the Western Wall.

Na’ama’s tears spark outrage

AUSTRALIAN Jewish leaders have roundly condemned members of Israel’s Charedi community, who last week dressed young children in yellow stars and striped clothing to evoke the Holocaust as part of a protest against exclusion.