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Reigniting the Wagner debate

The play You Will Not Play Wagner is set around the controversy of playing the music of German composer Richard Wagner in Israel, due to his Nazi sympathies. You Will Not Play Wagner challenges the audience, writes theatre reviewer Brad Syke.

Tribute to Reinhardt’s music

EVERY year in June, the sleepy French town of Samois-sur-Seine comes alive with musical activity as fans of Django Reinhardt’s gypsy jazz-style music arrive from around the world for the Festival Django Reinhardt.

Musical tribute to Bialystok’s Jews

ELENA Kats-Chernin is anxious about Remembering Bialystok, her new work for piano and cello. “Please mention that there will be two performances that day,” she urges. Banish any thoughts of

Zorn’s musical genius

HOW is it that hundreds of Hebrew jazz tunes, the shrieking experimental jazz and heavy metal drums of the band Naked City, a women’s a cappella work based on the […]

Leitmotif in Leipzig

FOR opera buffs and concert enthusiasts around the world, Richard Wagner is the centre of attention with events marking the 200th anniversary of his birthday. But for the international Jewish […]

Musical talents of Tommy Tycho

WHEN Hungarian-born musician, composer and conductor Tommy Tycho died in Sydney earlier this month, aged 84, he left behind a legacy of work few could equal. Treasured by the Jewish, […]