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ORAH Project giving charities a boost

JEWISH charities are the big winners in the latest round of donations provided by the ORAH Project, an innovative investment fund established by Sydney’s Carole and Russel Pillemer.

‘A reminder of darker times’

Holocaust survivor Peter Halas, who is usually at Bondi Beach every morning, was interstate on Sunday when he received photographs of the swastikas daubed along the promenade.

‘A sad indictment’

One of the reasons that 14-year-old Josh’s family immigrated from the UK to Australia a few years ago was because of the increasing threat of antisemitism. “He couldn’t walk around

Luck and a letter to freedom

What do a dinner party in South Yarra, an ant extermination company and an Australian prime minister have in common? Walter Glaser shares his family’s story of survival against the Nazis at the opening of the latest B’nai B’rith Courage to Care exhibition.

Holocaust organisations unite

A REGIONAL body to coordinate Holocaust commemorative and educational organisations in Australia, New Zealand and south east Asia, has been launched at a landmark conference.

Cheng’s son studies Shoah

Alpha Cheng has spoken about his decision to proceed with a Holocaust education program in Israel, in which he had enrolled shortly before his father Curtis Cheng was shot and killed in a terrorist attack in Parramatta.

Child survivors teach life lessons

WHILE there are many thought-provoking portrayals of the Shoah, Last Witnesses, a documentary set to screen on ABC TV's Compass program this weekend, sets itself apart from other Holocaust films with its moving message that bears strong relevance to youth today.

Have the courage to care

Filming began today on Courage to Care’s most ambitious initiative to date - to create audio-visual recordings of 24 Holocaust survivors sharing their stories.

Qld cops given Courage to Care

More than 660 Queensland Police Service (QPS) cadets have completed an award-winning social tolerance and anti-discrimination program, tailor made for them by Jewish organisation Courage to Care.

Szubanski’s serious side

ACTRESS Magda Szubanski will tell harrowing and inspiring tales of her family’s plight during World War II when she addresses a Courage to Care function next week.