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Syria deal: Israel’s prayers answered?

AMERICA and Russia have reached an agreement to remove Iranian forces, Hezbollah and other jihadists from Israel’s doorstep. 

What if it had been the Donald Declaration?

How would the Balfour Declaration have read if it had been issued by Donald Trump, instead of the British philosopher-turned-politician Arthur Balfour?

Jerusalem joyful at Trump’s crackdown on Iran

Israeli leaders are delighted with Donald Trump's latest policy on Iran – and it's not only the much-discussed "decertifying" of the nuclear deal that is making them smile.

Israel awaits Trump Iran decision

Israel is out on a limb, as the international community waits for Donald Trump's decision, expected any day, on the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Vegas shooting ‘The people of Israel stand with the people of America’

FOLLOWING the deadly attack in Las Vegas on Sunday night that has so far claimed the lives of 59 people and left hundreds of others injured, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement of solidarity with the United States.

The real threat facing us

OUR community is justifiably concerned about recent developments within the ALP. The misguided push by some elements, led by Bob Carr, to unilaterally recognise the "State of Palestine" has gained some traction at recent state Labor conferences. Much of the rhetoric emanating from supporters of the Palestinian cause has been inflammatory, including morally offensive comparisons with apartheid South Africa. These decisions will have no bearing on Labor's foreign policy determined at its 2018 national conference.

‘A warning for democracies’

THE Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) condemned both the rally and the lacklustre response of President Donald Trump.

Trump under fire over Charlottesville

Jewish leaders across the globe have condemned the violence at a white supremacist event in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend and also criticised President Donald Trump for saying that the hatred and violence came from “many sides”.

Tillerson: PA to stop paying terrorists’ families

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told senators that the Palestinian Authority will stop paying the families of terrorists who have attacked or killed Israelis.

Trump blasts Abbas over incitement

DONALD Trump screamed, "You tricked me in DC!" at his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank last week, an Israeli TV network has reported.