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Trump’s peace plan – what’s on the cards?

The Palestinians are coming under growing pressure from their friends to drop their antagonism to Washington’s upcoming peace plan, according to Arabic media.

Pipes packs a punch

A SLOW but noticeable declining trend in Islamist activity around the world, the strengths and vulnerabilities of an assertive Iran, and a different take on the Israel–Palestine conflict were addressed during a speaking tour of Sydney and Melbourne by Middle East Forum founder and president Dr Daniel Pipes, as a guest of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC).

Trump: US Embassy to move by May

Donald Trump's latest decision on moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is delighting Israeli leaders – who see it as the ultimate birthday present – and infuriating Palestinians.

Abbas ‘running away from dialogue’

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas took to the international stage on Tuesday to call for a conference to advance peace efforts amid a falling out between the Palestinians and the Trump administration.

Florida school shooting: ‘The sickness that gripped our country’

"'My kid is dead' goes through my head all day and all night. I keep hearing it over and over," the father of Meadow Pollack said at the funeral for his daughter at Temple Kol Tikvah last Friday, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Trump: Mixed messages on peace process

US President Donald Trump has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the time is ripe for an Israeli–Palestinian peace deal.

Trump tells Palestinians ‘talk peace or lose aid’

If the Palestinian Authority doesn't talk peace, it may be headed towards financial collapse, following Donald Trump's latest announcement.

Abbas declares Oslo Accords ‘dead’

The Palestinian President has prompted outrage, by calling Israel a "colonial enterprise that has nothing to do with Jewishness" in a biting speech last Sunday, also declaring the Oslo Accords "dead".

Conspiracy theory on Iran protests ‘laughable’

The conspiracy theory claiming that Israel is organising demonstrations against the ruling regime in Iran is "laughable".

Violence escalates following protest deaths

Palestinian anger has reached a new high over the past few days, after a wheelchair-bound protester was killed during clashes with Israeli security forces.