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‘I couldn’t get to him’: 90-year-old Marcus Opit mourned

A JEWISH firefighter has spoken of his desperate attempts to save an elderly man’s life after heroically entering his burning house in Dover Heights while off-duty this week.

Arson suspected at Paris kosher stores

Two kosher shops were damaged in a fire near Paris on the third anniversary of the slaying of four Jews at a different kosher supermarket in that city.

Israelis respond to Carmel fire with tourism

AFTER the disastrous fire and the travel prohibition in the Carmel forest, thousands of Israelis headed north over the weekend to visit the site of the fire and the surrounding paths and trails.

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Editorial, December 10, 2010

Australia’s role in the fires IF it has been said once this week, it has been said a thousand times, Australians know what Israel has gone through with the bushfires.

Comptroller: Israel not fire-ready

Fire services "weak link" in country's emergency plan.

‘Carmel fire started by carelessness’

Police arrested a 14-year-old teenage resident of Usfiya Monday who is suspected of negligently causing the Carmel fire disaster.