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In the ’80s, French secret service made a deal with Palestinian terrorists

France agreed not to target Palestinian terrorists who killed French Jews in Paris in 1982 if they refrained from carrying out further attacks on French soil, a former top spy revealed.

French teen slashed in ‘anti-Semitic attack’

Days after the suspected torching of two kosher shops near Paris, a Jewish teenager had her faced slashed by an unidentified assailant on a street in the suburb of Sarcelles.

A child survivor’s story

Through the kindness of strangers, toddler Francine Lazarus was able to survive World War II, and recounted her amazing story to Yael Brender.

Filming Natalie Portman’s thriller

French director Rebecca Zlotowski speaks to Yael Brender about working with Natalie Portman, the excitement of the Venice Film Festival and her future film projects.

PA fails in Interpol bid

After two humiliating setbacks on the international stage, Israel has managed to mobilise the backing it needed to avoid a third – to the dismay of the Palestinians.


Nice’s defiant Jews gather on Shabbat

NICE’s Jewish community held Shabbat activities in a spirit of solidarity and defiance after a terrorist killed scores of people in the city in southern France.

Villagers unite in wartime rescue

IN December 1942, the Nazis decided the remote mountain village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in the Auvergne region of central-eastern France, would be the ideal place for convalescing German soldiers. Accordingly,

Fox’s European swag of gold

OLYMPIC silver medallist Jessica Fox returned to the water for her first major event since the London Games to win five gold medals and a silver at the recent Copa Pyrenees Cup in Europe.