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‘There’ll always be a hole in our hearts’

THE rockets have stopped, but the tears continue. 

ABC headline still ‘misleading’

THE Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has upheld an Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) complaint relating to a misleading headline, "Israel attacks targets in Gaza following signing of Golan Heights proclamation."

Greens’ post slammed

JEWISH leaders have expressed their disgust at a gibe by a Greens staffer working for Macnamara candidate Steph Hodgins-May that deaths in Gaza were Israeli "genocide".

Australian Jewish leaders condemn Hamas attacks

JEWISH community leaders in Australia have condemned a barrage of Hamas rocket attacks against civilians in central Israel this week. 

Gaza ceasefire holds for now

Life on Israel’s southern border is back to normal after last week’s rocket barrage, but Hamas is already threatening to strike again.

Rocket barrage from Gaza as tensions escalate

JERUSALEM (JTA) — After firing more than 180 rockets into civilian areas, armed terror groups in Gaza said Thursday afternoon that they would refrain from firing on southern Israel if

Border clashes continue amid hopes of ceasefire

Hamas officials have spent days in intense meetings considering a long-term ceasefire, prompting speculation that a deal is near.

Southern Israel hit by Gazan terror kites

Residents in southern Israel are aghast, after watching huge fires started by terror kites gobbling up thousands of square metres of crops.

Israel and Gaza: A litany of media distortion and smears

When journalists portray Israelis as the perennial wrongdoers and as a symbol of the world’s ills, when they leave out rational justifications for Israel’s actions, when they hide the true face of Hamas, what they are saying to their audiences is that Jews are the ultimate representation of cruelty and savagery.

Gaza border clashes: ‘IDF averted a great disaster’

As the international community raged against Palestinian deaths, Israelis who live near Gaza were praising the IDF and saying it avoided bloodbath in their areas.