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Festival to write home about

AN annual and much-anticipated tradition for book lovers, the Sydney Jewish Writers Festival inspires audiences through its dynamic program comprising provocative but respectful conversation, innovative ideas, and heart-tugging tales of survival. Sophie Deutsch takes a look at some of the main events on offer in this year’s festival.

Keneally clarifies remarks

SCHINDLER's Ark author Thomas Keneally has defended saying that Australians would have collaborated with the Nazis as the Poles did during the Shoah. But he has apologised for the offence the remarks – made at a Sydney Writers Festival event last Sunday – caused.

Falling in love in Auschwitz

The hell-hole of Auschwitz was hardly the place you would expect to meet and fall in love, but that's what happened to Lale Sokolov in a story that could easily have been created in Hollywood.