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Six Jewish students top their HSC courses

Six NSW Jewish students from five different schools are feeling on top of the world after finishing first in the state in a 2018 HSC subject.

Etonchik – Edition 4 (3 November 2017)

Click below to download the Etonchik – Edition 4  PDF Etonchik – 3 November 2017

Etonchik – Edition 3 (11 August 2017)

Click below to download the Etonchik – Edition 3 PDF Etonchik – 11 August 2017

Schools pioneer mourned

ISRAEL Kipen, Holocaust survivor, philanthropist and Jewish day schools pioneer, has passed away at 98. Kipen was among a small circle that founded Mount Scopus Memorial College, Australia’s first Jewish day school, in 1948.

Etonchik – Edition 2 (9 June 2017)

Click below to download the Etonchik – Edition 2  PDF Etonchik – 9 June 2017

Etonchik – Edition 1 (7 April 2017)

Click below to download the PDF of The AJN and Eton‘s new Hebrew feature! Etonchik – 7 April 2017  

סתיו הגיע, פסח בא: ארבעה שפים ישראליים מקומיים הסכימו לשתף אותנו בסודות וטעמים

כמו בכל חג, ופסח הוא מהגדולים והחשובים שבהם, אנחנו הרי חייבים לאכול, שחלילה לא נאבד קלוריות יקרות מפז, ומאחר ובפסח עסקינן, הרינו מביאים לפניכם מגוון מתכונים, כולם כשרים לפסח, כאשר […]

Hebrew letters and bush art

FOR the past 20 years, artist Nikki Green has been creating ornately illustrated manuscripts to celebrate life cycle events such as births and marriages. In recent years she has expanded […]

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Go ahead for Hebrew at state school

A NEW Hebrew program will be offered at Glen Eira College from the beginning of next term. The language class – available for year 7 students, with a view to a broader rollout in the coming years – is part of a Melbourne entrepreneur’s plan to make the college a viable alternative to private Jewish schooling.

SBS’s Jewish programs move closer to extinction

THE end of Hebrew and Yiddish programs on SBS radio now seems more likely than ever, after the broadcaster announced the criteria it will use to determine which programs will be cut.