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Call for Australia to follow UK’s Hezbollah ban

Australia’s peak Jewish body has written to the Prime Minister urging the federal government to follow the UK’s example and enact a complete ban on Hezbollah.

Australia’s government should ban Hezbollah

There is strong evidence that Hezbollah is active in Australia – in the local criminal underworld and from the pulpits of some mosques.

IDF destroys Hezbollah terror tunnels

The IDF has launched an operation to strike a blow to Hezbollah's tunnels – a vast underground network intended for attacking Israelis.

Russian pledge on Syria

Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that “only representatives of the Syrian armed forces will be deployed on the Syrian side of the border with Israel".

Pompeo sets demands for new Iran deal

America has finally answered the question that the whole Middle East has been asking since early May: What does it want from Iran in return for a new deal?

The gate to chaos

Beyond the gate to the Israel–Lebanon border lies the world of Hezbollah and, if you carry on straight into Lebanon and turn right to Syria, the drama of the Syrian civil war. 

Biran rings bell on inequality

ISRAELI Labour Party MK Michal Biran raised the issues of rising inequality and the unresolved Israeli–Palestinian conflict as key challenges facing Israel today.

Segal unlocks Middle East puzzle

WITH a topic as complex and rapidly changing as ‘The New Middle East and Why it Matters’, leading geopolitics and terrorism expert Hagai Segal began by saying, “I could talk about this for the next seven hours.”


Corbyn on the verge of becoming the UK’s next PM

The politician who talked about his “friends” from Hamas and Hezbollah and attended a wreath laying at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist didn’t quite manage to become Britain’s Prime Minister, writes Nathan Jeffay. But he came astonishingly close.

Anti-Semitic death threat against UK MP

A Jewish member of the British Parliament was put under police protection following an anti-Semitic death threat against Ruth Smeeth on Facebook.