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‘I want an apology before I die’

More than seven decades after his liberation, Holocaust survivor Eddy Boas has written his memoirs. He shares his story with Yael Brender. 

Miracle letter discovered

A CHANCE discovery in Holland last year has resulted in 94-year-old Sydney Holocaust survivor Harry Fransman receiving the unimaginable in the post.

Independent road to success

SINGER Anita Lester was all set to head to London to record her first album but changed her mind after receiving some indispensable advice from the lead singer of The

Dutch withdraw bill banning shechita

A BILL to ban ritual slaughter was withdrawn by the Dutch Senate days before a scheduled vote.

European groups rip Dutch vote on ritual slaughter ban

EUROPEAN Jewish groups slammed a decision by the lower house of the Dutch parliament to ban the ritual slaughter of animals, with one threatening to take legal action.