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Glory and pain – the hazards of being a fund manager

By marcus padley I manage a $38 million Australian equity fund. It was great last year, the market was up 12 per cent and we were up 23 per cent.

What to do after the market mayhem

by Roger Balch Although the natural reaction upon seeing headlines like “As of lunchtime November 21 the ASX had wiped out two years of gains” (in the AFR) is to […]

Why much-loved shares can fall out of favour

By ADam spicer A “market darling” can be thought of as a high-flying growth stock that attracts the attention of the investment world and invariably trades at a ludicrous and […]

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Hearts and minds working together

by Allan Goldstein Cooper Investors presented at the third Sohn Hearts & Minds investment conference held in Melbourne on November 16. The conference sees a dozen of Australia’s top fund […]

What to do when cracks appear

By Jill Nes Stocks Rout Slams Asia After US Slide” “Asia Stocks Lost $5 Trillion This Year With No End in Sight” “Hong Kong’s Worst Run of Monthly Losses Since […]

How to construct your late-cycle investment portfolio

By Scott Haslem The years since the global financial crisis have been good for markets. A wave of stimulus from the world’s central banks has underpinned a significant period of […]

How to invest like the professionals in volatile markets

AUSTRALIAN investors have legitimate cause to be nervous amid escalating volatility on equity and other financial markets, heightened geopolitical tensions, a falling residential property market and rising US economic concerns.

A handy framework to avoid investment pitfalls

Knowing the investment industry, its players and its products as well as I do, I cannot imagine how an inexperienced individual or family might navigate the minefield that is ‘investment advice’ in Australia. Where does one start? Who does one trust? 

Prepare for property bargains….

The property market has been a happy hunting ground for Australian investors and home owners for most of this decade and beyond. But for over two years we have seen the party as coming to an end and have publicly said the short-term prospects for Australian property are negative. Sadly, the impact will not only be felt by borrowers but also shareholders in companies with direct and indirect exposures to property.

How to invest in the later stages of this investment cycle

This investment cycle is not in its infancy. No one’s arguing that. What’s more contentious is whether the cycle is on its last legs, “late cycle” as some would argue, or actually maturing with still some way to run, as we believe. Indeed, for those prepared to “stay engaged” with risk markets, we expect positive returns are likely to persist in the near term – albeit decidedly less buoyant and less easy to find than last year – when virtually every asset class and region put in a stellar performance.